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Policy for the Re-use and disposal of all IT Equipment


The University has legal obligations to ensure that all computers, IT equipment, mobile phones, tablets and data storage media (e.g. USB drives, DVDs, CDs, etc.) including the data and software held upon such equipment, are disposed of appropriately and legally. Equipment must be disposed of in line with the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive; data in line with the Data Protection Act 1998, the University’s Data Protection Policy and information security considerations of the University; and software in line with copyright legislation and software licensing provisions. Failure to observe this legislation could result in fines for the University of up to £500 000 and consequent disciplinary action against those responsible.

To this end, members of the University must follow this policy for re-use and disposal of computers and IT equipment. The policy compliments the University Policy and Procedure for Asset Recycling and Disposal. In particular it must be noted that the policy clearly states:
“…that under NO circumstances can items be sold or donated to staff or students.”    (6.1 Policy and Procedure for Asset Recycling and Disposal)
The IT disposal policy therefore aims to re-use equipment wherever possible in order to reduce costs and reduce the negative impacts of disposal on the environment. Where this cannot be achieved the policy ensures that equipment is disposed of safely and securely to the requirements of relevant legislation to prevent the University being exposed to legal action.

Reuse, Recycling and Disposal Options

All equipment shall be sent to IT Services who will consider the re-use and disposal options available:
Equipment will be re-used where feasible. Data and software will be removed securely, and the equipment re-provisioned for use
Dismantling and re-use of parts if there is any potential for recovering valuable components from the item.
Equipment will be recycled on a unit or component level using the external disposal contract and company co-ordinated by IT Services.

3rd Party Disposal Company

IT Services employs the services of a professional IT disposal company which is contracted by the North West Universities Purchasing Consortium – NWUPC. In addition to the checks undertaken by NWUPC, this company’s processes have been audited by the University to ensure compliance with relevant legislation. The company erases all data from recycled IT equipment with its own on site hard drive and media destruction service. A full inventory of equipment disposed of through the contract is maintained with IT Services. The company recycles devices where possible. Equipment that cannot be remarketed is stripped by the company, with metals, plastics etc. segregated for recycling and reuse in recycled products. The company guarantees 0% landfill.

Procedure for Staff Computers

IT Services will be replacing staff desktop computers as part of its remit to ensure staff are supplied with computers that are fit for purpose. As part of this process the old computer (and relevant associated peripherals) will be collected for recycling/disposal ensuring secure removal of all data.

Where a department has other equipment which it wishes to recycle then it should raise a request to the IT Support Centre via its online “helpdesk” system:

The user should remove any data they are aware of from the local hard disk drive(s)/Flash memory of the computer or device. It should then be securely stored ready for collection – not left where it might be stolen. IT services will then collect the equipment, securely transfer it ITS storage and make further arrangements for recycling. If any hard drives or flash memory is to be reused then IT Services will fully erase these beforehand. Equipment sent for recycling is fully erased to audited standards by the disposal company.

Before making a request for IT Services to dispose of an asset, Departments or Schools should ascertain whether the University owns the asset or whether there is any restriction on its disposal. Assets purchased from research accounts are the property of Bangor University unless otherwise specified by the sponsor’s terms for the grant and contract funding. When selling or transferring assets purchased from funds provided by an external sponsor, consideration should be given to the terms under which those funds were given.

March 2016

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