File Storage and Backup

Every member of the University who has a username and password are given a personal file store (M: Drive) and a shared file store (U: Drive). These are where you should save the majority of your work and are the same from every computer you log into.

Your M: Drive (personal filestore)

Your M: Drive is your personal filestore area and cannot be accessed by anyone other than yourself. It is secure and fully backed up and can also be accessed on and off campus avoiding problems of version control which can be associated with using pen drives or DVDs etc.

Managing your M: Drive files

The amount of personal space you have available to store your files is knows as your Disk Quota. You will receive an automated email from IT Services warning you when you have reached 85% and 95% of your quota with suggestions for areas of your M: Drive to tidy up.

OneDrive for staff and students – cloud-based file storage

Use OneDrive for Business to Create, Store, Edit and Share Files Online

With Onedrive for Business all of the documents that you have stored are accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Work together, share files quickly and easily with other people both inside and outside of Bangor University.

The U: Drive (sharing files and folders with colleagues)

The U: Drive can be accessed by members of a specified group who have permission to access the file or folder.

Permissions are set on U: Drive files and folders by the IT Support Centre.  The number of people that can access each folder can be as large or small as is required for the data, and different groups of people can have different access if required.

Backup and Restoring of Files from your M: and U: Drives

Snapshots are taken of your M: and U: drives at two points during the day. You can restore any documents from these locations as long as they were present when the snapshot was taken. These are retained for a minimum of two weeks.

Recovering deleted or overwritten files

Additionally both the M: and U: Drives are backed up each evening. The backups are taken anytime between 8pm-6am daily. As long as the file was there during this period it can be recovered if it becomes lost or is corrupted.

Backup Retention Periods:

M: and U: Drives - Three months

Office 365 Emails/Calendar - 30 Days

Research Data Storage and backup

It is recommended that researchers work with IT Services to identify storage requirements that may exceed that offered by the institution, and include costs in grant applications where possible.

All University research data should be stored on safe and secure storage during a research project. A storage system shall be deemed safe and secure if it can deliver, as a minimum, all of the following functions:

  • Suffer the loss of a single computer disk with no operational downtime
  • Ensure that only authorised individuals may access the data
  • Other than when housed securely within the University encrypt the data
  • To guard against possible human error provide a means of recovery of files on a daily basis for the previous week, weekly for one month and monthly for up to three months.
  • In the event of a catastrophic system failure caused either by human, systemic or environmental factors allow for the restoration of the data from an external backup source.

About the C: drive (your local disk drive on your personal computer)

It is not recommended to save and store files on your university desktop computer’s hard drive (i.e. the C: or D: drive) as it is not secure, nor backed-up.