Get started with Scanning

How to Scan to get an electronic version of a paper document

  • A quick help guide is displayed next to each printer
  • Log into any Sharp Printer
  • Select either Enable Device Black/White or Enable Device Colour (it doesn't matter which for scanning)
  • Choose Scan or Scan2Me depending on device
  • Choose either Scan2email or Scan2folder
  • Change the settings along the bottom of the screen
  • Place your first original on the glass plate in the correct postion
  • Press Scan2me
  • After the first page a dialogue box will appear - Start or Readend? If you have another page press Start again. Repeat until all your pages are scanned then press readend. Your electronic document will be forwarded in the desired format to either your email or selected folder.

Don't forget to log out!

Please refer to the Reference Guide for further information and more advanced features.