TurnitinUK is an online service used by students to submit assignments and by staff to provide feedback. In Bangor University, Turnitin is integrated with Blackboard with assignments being created, submitted and marked through the Blackboard interface.

The service has 3 intergrated tools:

  1. Orginality Check used to check for plagiarism
  2. GradeMark tool for online marking and comments
  3. Peermark which allows the instructor to distribute the paper for peer review

Watch the Turnitin suite Demo from the TurnitinAcademy on YouTube which summarises all three tools.Please note that at Bangor staff and students access Turnitin through your Blackboard modules.

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New Feedback Studio

Please note that on 5 June 2017, a new tool called Feedback Studio replaces the Grademark tool (used to mark online) and the originality report. The new tool combines both to create one set of features. All the previous tools used to provide feedback and to check originality will be still available but will be called ‘Instructor Feedback and ‘Similarity’.

Turnitin Feedback Studio does not in any way alter the way Turnitin integrates with Blackboard – it does not require any changes to the way you create Turnitin assignments, or the way students submit their work or gain access to their feedback.

The new ‘Feedback Studio’ interface will display by default to both staff and students from the 5 June 2017. However, any user has the option to switch back to the previous version up until 1 August 2017.

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