Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

Multi-factor Authentication

The increasing use of “Phishing” e-mail attacks has led to a number of University accounts being compromised and users disclosing their username and password. Your username and password are no longer just a means of accessing your email – it also gains access to the whole Office365 suite including potentially sensitive data you hold on your OneDrive or Team sites. This was identified in an external security audit and in line with recommendations the University has agreed that we must take further steps to secure our data. This is typical within the UK HE sectors where similar action is being taken.

This will be achieved using modern authentication (“multi-factor”) methods in addition to your Bangor username/password – when you are accessing Office365 from outside Bangor (including access from 4G mobile phone). This method of access is mandated for off campus access.

You will not be required to perform any additional steps on Bangor’s wired and Eduroam network.

When off campus you will be prompted to enter an additional code number after your Bangor password. This will be via a free text message to a mobile phone number you setup or an automated phone (free) call to a number of your choosing. Do not select your office phone number as you will only be prompted off campus! Smartphone users can also install the free “Microsoft Authenticator” app from their app store (this will save having to key in the code number and automates the secondary authentication). The phone numbers you provide to the system are held securely and not visible to anyone else (including IT Services). The numbers are not shared or used for any other purpose than the automated system. This is very similar to the additional security methods used for online banking.

Once you have performed this additional step you will not be prompted (on the individual device) for 60 days. If you plan to travel abroad it may be prudent therefore to access your email remotely from the UK before you leave to guarantee easy access- though the text message and app can be used anywhere there is mobile/Wi-Fi service.

See general help guide on setting up or contact if you need assistance.