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OneDrive - Create Edit and Share Files Online

OneDrive for Business is Bangors' supported online storage platform. This comes as part of Office 365 which also provides Bangors' email and calendaring services. With OneDrive for Business all of the documents that you have stored are accessible from any computer with an internet connection. OneDrive offers every user 1Tb of storage which can be accessed from any internet connected computer. You can also share files quickly and easily with other people both inside and outside of Bangor University.

OneDrive for Business linked to your University account is independent of any personal OneDrive account you may have.

Information Security Guidelines for Using Onedrive For Business

  • Office365 cloud storage complies with BU’s, Information Security Policy
  • On the whole data should not be kept for more than five years, see data retention policies
  • Microsoft ensures that all data stored within Office 365 is kept in accordance with numerous data security and encryption standards.  If you are sharing data with others it is your responsibility to ensure that this data is not leaked to unauthorised third parties by incorrect transfer methods, or incorrect sharing. All storage is compliant with the new Data Protection regulations - GDPR.
  • Users of encrypted managed University laptops may use the Onedrive for Business sync client to synchronise data between the cloud and your laptop. Syncronising of cloud data to Desktop Computers is not permitted under the data security policy as these are not encrypted.
  • In Open Access Rooms and Lecture theatres the sync client will not be available because of local storage constraints and shared access to data.
  • For data security reasons, OneDrive Sync is only available on BU’s owned equipment and consequently is unavailable on student or staff owned machines. This feature is currently unavailable on MacOS devices because of a known incompatibility, this has been reported to Microsoft and Apple and a resolution is expected in future realeases. You are still able to use the web interface to access Onedrive files from any browser
  • A complete list of technical restrictions when using Onedrive for Business can be viewed here:
  • When data is deleted you will have 30 days to recover the data from the Office 365 previous versions, there is no further backup of the data
  • When collaborating with others it is your responsibility to ensure the data is only shared with authorised recipients of the data, and they are informed of any data protection and / or confidentiality issues, and any sharing restrictions which affect the data.

Benefits of Using OneDrive for Business

  • 1Tb of storage for files of any type, this storage is secure, resilient and backed up.  This equates to 200 DVD's, or approximately 1 million text files.
  • OneDrive for Business is accessible from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection
  • Any files created in office online using your mobile devices will automatically be synchronized to OneDrive.
  • Files are accessible on any device, including tablets and phones, and can be viewed using the provided online readers without the need to download or install any additional software
  • Files can be shared with colleagues both inside and outside the University.
  • Files and folders can be shared with fellow students and staff and can be edited by multiple people at any one time.
  • Files can easily be recovered or rolled back to previous versions.  30 days of backups are kept online by Microsoft. NO further backups are available.
  • You control access to your files by inviting individuals using their email address. If you are working as part of an organised project team Microsoft Teams is also available, if you believe this could be a better solution for you please contact IT Support for advice.
  • If you are using a managed University Windows 10 laptop any files stored in My Documents, or the Desktop will be synchronized to OneDrive and accessible from any other device. Further details will be sent to laptop users.
  • As well as the above locations you can choose to synchronise other files by moving them into the Bangor - Onedrive folder on your laptop.
  • Onedrive for business should prevent the need for most people to use USB pen drives, this has multiple advantages including resilience and encryption. Pendrives should only ever be used for short term storage to move data between devices.
  • All data is encrypted at all times

What Should OneDrive for Business be used for?

  • Storing any of your documents that you may want to work on away from Bangor University.
  • Syncing data stored on a managed laptop or mobile device so the data is safe in case the device is lost.
  • Creating and storing documents that you are working on collaboratively on an ad hoc basis. This can be with internal colleagues or outside Bangor University. Especially useful with Office documents that can be editted Online.
  • Creating locally synced copies of your OneDrive - only on University managed laptops. If syncing to a laptop the device must be encrypted in line with the University's Security policy.
  • Storing large files, including video and images, which would historically have been stored on external drives or network storage.
  • Microsoft Office files created with Office 2016 are optimised to be stored within Onedrive for Business

What Shouldn't OneDrive for Business be used for?

  • It is not a replacement for your M drive, your M drive is still better if you are working with data that requires rapid access.
  • You cannot install software, or application data to OneDrive for Business.
  • It is not a replacement for shared document areas on the U drive, however Microsoft Teams may be. If you would like to use Microsoft Teams please contact IT Support to assess whether this is appropriate.

OneDrive and Your Laptop

If you are using a Windows 7 laptop, this needs updating to Windows 10. This has many advantages on top of offering Onedrive. Windows 10 is a faster Operating System, and uses native hardware encrytion so as to reduce the performance impact. Please contact IT Suport to arrange an upgrade to Windows 10, this will normally take between 3 and 5 days, a loan laptop can be provided whilst yours is encrypted.

Is OneDrive for Business the Same as OneDrive

  • No. They are similar but not identical, both provide a location for you to store your documents, however OneDrive for Business offers enhanced collaboration features.
  • Onedrive for Business offers end to end encryption so there is no risk of data leak during transfer.
  • The OneDrive for Business account that you have from Bangor University will not sync with a personal OneDrive account.
  • You should not put your Bangor University related documents into any Online storage other than OneDrive for Business.

How can I share files with others using OneDrive for Business

The easiest way to share files in OneDrive with others is to email them a link. This way others do not need to be able to navigate through all the files to the one you want to share. Detailed instructions

How do I access OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive can be accessed on any internet connected device using the online Office 365 portal

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the waffle (grid icon) in the top left
  3. Choose OneDrive

If you are using a Bangor University networked laptop you can also access your files through the Sync Client from within Computer which will be installed.

Setting up OneDrive for Business on your Mobile Device

OneDrive for Business can be accessed using the majority of mobile devices (including Windows, Android and Apple). From any of these devices you will be able to view the contents of your OneDrive and the files providing you have a viewer installed on your device. The OneDrive for Business app should be installed from the appropriate app store.

Search for Microsoft OneDrive

When congfiguring ensure you select use Work / School account and use <username> as your Email address, your alias will not work.

Using OneDrive for Business instead of Dropbox

Many users across the University have been using Dropbox or Dropbox Professional for several years. This is a chargeable service.

OneDrive offers much of the functionality of Dropbox and is included as part of the Office 365 package that we already have. Users of Dropbox are encouraged to move all of their data from Dropbox into OneDrive for Business.

If you a have a large volume of data in Dropbox please contact IT Support as there is a more automated way that we can help you with.

To do this:

  • Open Dropbox in one File Explorer window
  • Open OneDrive in Chrome or Edge (using these browsers you are able to copy folders as well as files)
  • Drag the files and folder from Dropbox into OneDrive.
  • Allow the data to sync. Once this is done any failures will be reported in the OneDrive window with a reason.

Adding Folders to Your OneDrive for Business Library (Bangor Managed Windows 7 Laptops)

It is recommended that all Windows 7 laptop users contact IT Support to upgrade their laptop to Windows 10

Only folders located in "OneDrive - Bangor University" will be synchronzed. No other folder will be synchronized to the cloud and as such will not be secure in the case of hardware failure or loss.

It is recommended that your My Documents / Documents, My Pictures / Pictures and Desktop are added to the OneDrive library to ensure your data is synchronized.

It is recomended that you only follow this procedure yourself if you are happy with the steps below, if you are unsure please contact IT Support when you have your laptop connected to the network and they will be able to do this for you.

  • Open Computer / File Explorer
  • Navigate to your local OneDrive folder - C:\Users\<username>\OneDrive - Bangor University
  • Create a folder called Laptop Sync
  • Within this create Desktop, Documents and Pictures
  • Close this tree
  • Right Click on the folder to be relocated (e.g. My Documents)
  • Properties
  • Select the "Location" tab
  • Change the folder name to include the Bangor University- OneDrive location "C:\Users\<username>\OneDrive - Bangor University\" e.g. Documents will change from "C:\Users\<username>\Documents" and become "C:\Users\<username>\OneDrive - Bangor University\Documents"
  • Click OK when prompted.

All files and folders will now be synchronized when your laptop is next connected to the Internet. This will be indicated by a green tick.