Telephone System

The University telephone system runs over the data network, often referred to as IP Telephony or VoIP. The new system provides many new features, including voicemail, and offers a more advanced form of telephony.

The phone, similar to a computer connects to a data socket on the wall via a cable. The phone does not have its own power source but instead it gets enough from the network switch to function.

Unlike traditional analogue phones where the extension number is assigned to the phone point (similar to a BT socket in your home) with IP Telephony the extension number is assigned to the actual phone.

So just like your computer, you can take your phone with you if or when you move office or building and so your extension number will follow.

All of the IP phones have the following fixed-function keys:
Key label Function
Up and down arrow keys for adjusting the volume or scrolling through lists
Speaker key for making hands-free calls
Mute key, to turn off the microphone
Blue "Superkey" for accessing the phone menu
Cancel key (cross inside a circle) for moving up a level in the menu or cancelling the current operation
Redial key (the numbers 123 and a curved arrow) for redialling the most recent external number
Red "Hold" key for placing the current call on hold
Call transfer or conference call key (curved arrow and a head)
Voicemail key (flying envelope), which flashes when you have new voicemail (the indicator light at the top of the phone also flashes)

The keys in the central, grey section of your phone are programmable keys (called "Personal Keys" in Mitel documentation). Some of them will be predefined with certain features (e.g. Call History), or with the other extension numbers within your caller group. You will be able to program the remaining unused Personal Keys with useful functions such as speed-dial numbers.


Voicemail is not enabled by default with your new IP Phone but you may request the service.

Once you have requested voicemail, you will be able to activate it by dialling 8899 on your phone (the voicemail service) and following the recorded tutorial. Your initial password will be your extension number.
If you receive a voicemail, both the voicemail key and the indicator light at the top of the phone will flash. To listen to your message, lift the handset and press the flashing voicemail key. Follow the instructions given by the phone. You can also dial 8899 anytime to listen to all of your voice messages as often as you want.

Additional Voicemail features can be found in the Phone User Guide below:

Quick Guide for the Mitel 5212/5224 IP Phones

User Guide for the Mitel 5212/5224 IP Phones