Telephone System

Feature Access Codes

This table shows the full list of Feature Access Codes. They may not all function on your phone. The ones that don’t function will produce the message "NOT ALLOWED" on the LCD screen.

Callback - Cancel#2
Callback - Cancel Individual##2
Callback - Setup (one digit only)2
Call Forwarding - Busy (External Source)*51
Call Forwarding - Busy (Ext & Int Source)*52
Call Forwarding - Busy (Internal Source)*53
Call Forwarding - End Chaining*54
Call Forwarding - Follow Me*55
Call Forwarding - Follow Me - Third Party**55
Call Forwarding - I Am Here*56
Call Forwarding - No Answer (External Source)*57
Call Forwarding - No Answer (Ext & Int Source)*58
Call Forwarding - No Answer (Internal Source)*59
Call Forwarding - Override*50
Call Hold*61
Call Hold - Remote Retrieve*62
Call Hold - Retrieve*63
Call Park*60
Call Park - Retrieve*64
Call Pickup - Dialled*65
Call Pickup - Directed*66
Call Privacy*67
Cancel All Forwarding#50
Cancel Call Forwarding - Busy (Ext & Int Source)#52
Cancel Call Forwarding - End Chaining#54
Cancel Call Forwarding Follow Me#55
Cancel Call Forwarding Follow Me - Remote#56
Cancel Call Forwarding Follow Me - Third Party##55
Cancel Call Forwarding - No Answer (Ext & Int Source)#58
Clear All Features#99
Conference Call*70
Direct Page*7*
Do Not Disturb*77
Do Not Disturb - Cancel#77
Do Not Disturb - Cancel Remote##77
Do Not Disturb - Remote**77
Hot Desk Login*74
Hot Desk Logout#74
Hot Desk Remote Logout##74
Last Number Re-dial#0
Make Busy - Setup*81
Make Busy - Cancel#81
Personal Speedcall - Invoke*1
Personal Speedcall - Remove#1
Personal Speedcall - Store**1
Remote Clear All Features##99
Repeat Last Number Saved**0
Save Last Number##0
Multiline Set Headset - On*91
Multiline Set Headset - Off#91