Telephone System

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do all these keys do?
A. You can find details of all the keys in the Quick Reference Guide or the Phone User Guide

Q. Which keys are predefined with features and which ones can I assign a feature to?
A. The first six keys are predefined with the following:

Key 1 - Prime Line (your extension number)
Key 2 - Swap (swap conversations between two different callers)
Key 3 - Call Forward (forward all calls to voicemail)
Key 4 - Call History (check for missed calls)
Key 5 - Call Pickup (take someone else’s call within your pickup group)
Key 6 – Headset.

Q. How do I access and scroll through the menu?
A. To enter the menu press the blue super key. To scroll through the menus on the 24-button phones, use the 3 keys directly below the LCD display. On the 12-button phones, use the * and # keys.

Q. How do I setup a personal key as a speed dial?
A. Press the blue super key and choose No until Personal Keys is displayed on the screen. Select Yes and choose an unused key and follow the instructions on the screen. You can also add mobiles numbers here. Make sure you prefix external numbers with a 9.

Q. How do I setup Call forwarding and what do all the options mean?
A. Press the blue super key and follow the prompts until you reach Call Forwarding.

Always = Forward all calls to configured number always.
B-INT = Forward to configured number if BUSY and caller is INTERNAL.
B-EXT = Forward to configured number if BUSY and caller is EXTERNAL.
NA-INT = Forward to configured number if NO ANSWSER and caller is INTERNAL.
NA-EXT = Forward to configured number if NO ANSWSER and caller is EXTERNAL.

Example - you can configure B-INT with the number 8899 (voicemail) so if you are busy on an internal call then the next call will go to your voicemail. At the same time you can configure NA-EXT with your colleague’s number so that if you are not in then the call will redirect to them after the normal timer expires. You can configure all the options with any number.

Q. Can I use a headset and which type should I use?
A. Yes. Any headset which has an RJ11 connector will work. If you already have a headset for use with your existing phone and it has an RJ11 connector then it should work. Key 6 has been preconfigured for a headset so press this to use it.

Q. How do I setup a conference call and how many people can join?
A. Dial your first number to establish a two-way conversation. To add another party and initiate a conference call press the TRANS/CONF key (next to the red key), dial the extension you wish to add to the conference, wait for an answer and press the TRANS/CONF key again. You can have up to 8 participants in a conference call.

Q. How do I make a hands-free call?
A. Press the key with the speaker icon during a call. You can also answer a call by pressing this key without lifting the handset. Use the up and down arrow keys to adjust the volume.

Q. How do I transfer a call?
A. Once you’ve answered the call press the TRANS/CONF key (next to the red key) and dial the number. Once the 3rd party has answered hang up. If the 3rd party does not answer or is busy press the Cancel key to return to the caller.

Q. How can I pick up a colleagues incoming call?
A. A Call Pickup Group must first be created, so contact IT Support Helpdesk. Once your extension number has been added as a member then press the Call Pickup predefined key on your phone (key 5 from the bottom by default).

Q. When I transfer a call to another extension and nobody answers, how do I connect back to the original caller?
A. You can cancel the transfer and return to the caller by pressing the Cancel key (key with a circle and an X inside it).

Q. How do I use Call-back?
A. On the 24-button phones, the LCD screen will display Callback. Once you’ve dialled a number which is busy or unanswered, press the leftmost key of the three LCD display keys. On the 12-button phones, use the Feature Access Code Assignments given here.

Q. How do I find out what calls I’ve missed?
A. You can use Call History. This has been pre-assigned to user key 4 and you can scroll through the list using the up and down arrow keys.

Q. I have a missed call from an external caller, how do I call them back?
Press the Call History predefined key, scroll to the external number, choose Details or Options (depending on phone model) then Edit and enter 9 (for external line) when cursor flashes.

Q. Where can I get a list of all the Feature Access Code Assignments?
A. You can find all Feature Access Code Assignments here

Q. I’ve always used a cordless handset. Can I have a model for use with the new IP phone system?
A. No. Currently we are not deploying cordless handsets.

Q. Can I use a wireless IP Phone?
A. No. Currently we do not support wireless IP phones.

Q. How do I withhold my number?
A. By default your number is always displayed but if you wish to hide it then press 1 instead of a 9 before entering the number. You can only withhold your number when making an external call.

Q. How do I use Redial?
A. Press the Redial key (key with the numbers 123 and an arrow). Redial only displays the last external number dialled. You can also use Call History (user key 4) to scroll through a list of dialled external numbers.

Q. I’ve run out of programmable keys on the 24-button phone and I would like some more. What can I do?
A. You can purchase an add-on device called an IP Programmable Key Module. Contact IT Services helpdesk.

Q. Where can I get phone template labels from for my personal keys?
A. You can download the templates for 12-button phones here and the 24-button phones here