Print from your own Computer

Many of the tasks you perform while in the university are possible to complete from home or off campus.

Print to any of the University Sharp printers using Everyone Print

  • Browse to
  • Login using your Bangor University username and password
  • You will then be given the option to 'Upload Document to Print'. Click Browse.... and select a file (note the list of supported file types).
  • Once you've selected the file click 'Next'
  • The default output is Black and White and Double Sided, you'll need to tick the advanced options box if you require further options to change to colour or single sided.
  • The job will now be processed. You will need to wait for this to complete before you can send the document to print.
  • Once processed you will be able to select a printer. At the moment we only have one and it is called 'Sharp Web Print'

Please refer to the Reference Guide for further information and more advanced features.