Costs and Credits

Student Printing / Photocopying Prices

ALL printing is on a prepaid Printer Credit system and chargeable at the following rates:

A4 Monochrome - 5p per A4 side
A3 Monochrome - 25p per A3 side
A4 Colour - 25p per A4 side
A3 Colour - 50p per A3 side

Printing is double sided and black & white as standard.

ALL devices will print and photocopy in both monochrome and colour. 

Scanning is free but you must have a positive credit balance.

Undergraduates and Taught Postgraduates

Some departments will issue a limited number of printer credits to Undergraduates and Taught Postgraduates.
Some PhD students have their printed output paid for by their departments in a similar way to staff.  If you are unsure then check with your School / Departmental office.