Recover your own files from your network storage

Snapshops are available for both M: and U: drives.  These are available for up to two weeks.
Finding the File to Recover

  • Open File Explorer
  • Open the required Network Drive (M: / U:) and navigate to the folder which contains the file required
  • Right click and select Properties
  • Click onto the Previous Versions tab
  • Select the date and time you wish to recover the file from
  • Click either View or Restore (View will allow comparison of the file before restoring it. Restore will overwrite any existing file with the same name.)

If View is selected there are now two windows open, one with the current version of your M: drive and of the backup window.

  • Drag the file from the Backup window, which should have the backup date appended to the Address at the top of the windows, to the current version of your M: drive.
  • Once the egg timer disappears the file is recovered.
  • Close the Backup window with the Cross before continuing with work to avoid confusion
  • Click OK on the Properties window to close.