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Research Support

IT Services provides professional support for researchers in the following areas:


HPC – High Performance Computing – systems that are intended for running numerically intensive and/or numerous batch tasks beyond the scope of a single machine – is a key enabling technology as part of much research.  The University is a partner in the SuperComputing Wales project, which has provided funding for:

  1. Specialist staff offering support & development to help you make the most of such technology
  2. SuperComputer facilities offering thousands of processors that can be accessed by Bangor researchers

Advanced Computing

Support for more advanced forms of computing is also offered such as Linux based numerical computing, bespoke instrumentation etc. Solutions are routinely offered from small shared systems, or in some cases the management of dedicated systems bought with research grants.

Research Proposal Development

Undertaking research almost always requires some level of IT resource. IT Services can assist in understanding what may be required to assist the research task and to specify and cost it in a manner that will fit funder requirements. We can assist in specifying hardware and software requirements and ensuring that adequate software licences is in place. Occasionally research requires custom software to be developed such as mobile app developments, web applications or data processing solutions. IT Services can specify and manage the development of such software and ensure it meets the defined need.

IT Checklist for Research Projects

Website Development for Research Projects

Small research project websites are routinely developed for researchers to assist the work of the project as well as highlighting achievements. IT Services can also manage the development of more complex websites when properly resourced.

Research Data Storage

Funders require us to keep our research data safe whilst we work with it and afterwards at the end of the project. Flexible solutions for storage of research data exists within the University that include local U drive folders, Microsoft One Drive, bespoke solutions for demanding applications and archival options for the period after the project has ended. We can help you determine how much you need and what the cost will be.

Research Data Management

In collaboration with Library and Archives Service we can advise and provide solutions that meet funder requirement to share data resulting from research projects. We operate a repository or last resort for archive data that can’t be housed within national repositories.

Research Outputs Repository

IT Services support the PURE research outputs repository which is the home for all of Bangor’s research output. This important system ensures that output is held securely and meets the demands of RCUK/REF for open access publishing.

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