Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows communication and collaboration with participants from anywhere in the world. There are many benefits in communicating this way:

  • Saves time and money in travel
  • Collaboration with other institutions globally
  • Participate in virtual meetings, interviews, seminars, teaching
  • Environmental benefits

The University offer the following options for video-conferencing:

  • Main Video Conferencing Suites
  • Prior Permission Conferencing Suites (Departmental)
  • Desktop Video Conferencing
  • 'Face-to-face' teaching at a distance to groups within and outside of the University
  • Teleconferencing (audio)

Main Video Conferencing Suites:

Prior Permission Conferencing Suites (Departmental)

Before requesting a Prior Permission Video Conference you will need to book a suitable room - please see list below. Once you have booked the room you can then go ahead to book a video conference.

IMPORTANT: All bookings are held on a UK national academic system – therefore you need to book all studios (including those at other Universities) at the same time. Find out which studios at other institutions your partners there wish to use – they, like us, may have several.

Desktop Video Conferencing

Participants use their personal PCs and many of the features are similar to that of dedicated videoconferencing systems, such as desktop screen sharing, and the ability to contact multiple participants. Many laptops have a built-in webcam and microphone which are necessary for Desktop Video Conferencing. If you do not have these already built-in, they can be loaned out from the IT Support Centre upon request.

Example Desktop Video Conference Applications -

  • Skype for Business
  • Vscene - participants can join a Vscene conference using standard-based videoconferencing equipment or software, desktop or laptop computer. 

For advice on any of the above please contact the IT Helpdesk.

Telephone Conferencing

Audio/Teleconference using your desk phone handset

To form a Conference when a two–party call is already in place, or to add another party to an existing Conference:

  • Press ( TRANS/CONF) get icon
  • Dial the number of the next party
  • Wait for an answer
  • Press ( TRANS/CONF ) get icon

To leave a Conference: Hang up or press 'Cancel'.

Audio/Teleconference using a dedicated conference phone

The conference phone is ideal to make calls to multiple participants at the same time and particularly useful for callers from outside the University or internationally to join in on a call.

A conference phone can be booked out either by contacting the IT Helpdesk or via Outlook in the same way as you book a room - search for "Conference Phone 8329" to find out availability. You will need to arrange a time to collect and return the handset with the IT Support Centre in Adeilad Deiniol - ext. 8111