What is eduroam?

eduroam is a global network of research and education institutions. It allows secure access to an internet connection for users at any eduroam enabled site by using their log on credentials from their home site. This means Bangor users can travel to any eduroam enabled site and connect to the eduroam network there, and guests from other eduroam sites can connect to our eduroam network at Bangor.

The JANET Roaming Service operate and maintain eduroam in the UK. All eduroam sites in the UK are members of the JANET Roaming Service and must comply with the JANET Roaming technical specifications. JANET is the Joint Academic Network, the UK's education and research network connecting us to the internet.

eduroam is available at the following sites



Users from Bangor visiting other sites should connect to our eduroam network before travelling to ensure that they have configured their device properly. We have connection tools for Windows, OSX and iOS devices and can normally offer guidance smartphones and other devices if you contact IT Support.

When connecting to eduroam you must provide your realm (the network that you normally log in to) as well as your user name e.g when requested for your user name you must provide it in the following format abc123@bangor.ac.uk.

When visiting other sites you are required to contact Bangor IT Services for support.

Users from other sites should contact their home institution for connection guides and support if they have problems accessing our eduroam network.

When using eduroam you are bound by Acceptable Use Policies of Bangor University, JANET and the site you are visiting or from.