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Conference: Ethnography and the Shifting Boundaries of Policing

Conference: Ethnography and the Shifting Boundaries of Policing

23 - 24 April 2020

Ethnography has proved to be a crucial methodology for entering and understanding the world of policing. The contemporary ‘pluralised’ policing field comprises a multiplicity of public, private and voluntary organisations, inviting new avenues for ethnographic research and debate. This two-day conference brings together policing scholars and practitioners to discuss and share insights from ethnographic fieldwork undertaken with policing actors and social control professionals across different contexts.

We welcome papers both from researchers – doctoral researchers are especially encouraged to submit papers - who have undertaken ethnographic fieldwork with pluralised forms of policing (e.g. border enforcement officials, civil society groups, private security) and those researching more traditional forms of state policing via an ethnographic approach. We also welcome policing professionals interested in using ethnographic research for evidence based practice.

Call for Papers

The deadline for abstracts is Friday 31st January 2020. Please submit your abstract here

Publication date: 3 December 2019