Undergraduate Student Profiles

Maleeha IsmailMaleeha Ismail

Maleeha Ismail – Linguistics and English Language

Maleeha Ismail from Bradford is studying Linguistics and English Language.

I love it! The location of Bangor is fantastic. We’re always exploring and going on adventures. The scenery here is beautiful, and nothing beats barbeques on the beach in summer.

Megan PriceMegan Price

Megan Price – BA French, German and Italian

Megan is studying French, German and Italian. She's from Abergavenny, South Wales, and tells us about what she has enjoyed about being a student at Bangor.

The highlight was my semester in Udine. I met a lot of lovely people and had many opportunities to travel. I went to Croatia, Sardinia, Milan, Rome and many other cities.

Robin Myring – Linguistics

Robyn Myring from Burntwood in Staffordshire is studying Linguistics.

I came to an Open Day the year before I came and saw the beautiful surroundings before even arriving. All of the people I met were exceptionally friendly and supportive.

Clodagh May ColbeckClodagh May Colbeck

Clodagh May Colbeck – BA French, Italian and Spanish

Clodagh May Collbeck is originally from the Wirral, and is studying French, Italian and Spanish at Bangor. She tells us about her time here.

My initial interest in Bangor University was sparked by the fact it was the only university I found which offered the Three Language degree programme.

Charli WilsonCharli Wilson

Charli Wilson – Italian and History

Charli Wilson is from London, UK. She's studying Italian and History. Charlie tells us why she chose to study at Bangor.

I liked the feel of the university and the local area - it was very welcoming and supportive and much quieter than back home!

Shannon VaughanShannon Vaughan

Shannon Vaughan – Philosophy & Religion and English Literature

Shannon Vaughan is 18 and from Manchester.

It’s very encouraging to have your achievements recognised with a scholarship, and it motivates me to continue to work well and achieve more.

Leisha Kemp-WalkerLeisha Kemp-Walker

Leisha Kemp-Walker – BA French and Spanish

Leisha is studying French and Spanish and tells us about her time at Bangor.

I originally chose Bangor because of its location in beautiful North Wales, it's a great city to live in if you like the outdoors.  The university's School of Modern Languages is small, personal and welcoming.

Oliver BennettOliver Bennett

Oliver Bennett – English Literature with Creative Writing

I chose English literature with Creative Writing for the amazing range of modules, The hardest part is deciding which modules to take. It's all so much fun.

Stephen Mark ErhornStephen Mark Erhorn

Stephen Mark Erhorn – BA German

Stephen is originally from Newcastle upon Tyne. He's studying a degree in German at Bangor University.

The quality of the classes at Bangor means that not only have I learned a lot but I have also always felt engaged and involved in the University. My year abroad in Germany was an amazing opportunity to put all of what I have learned in Bangor to good use.

Francesca SciarrilloFrancesca Sciarrillo

Francesca Sciarrillo – English Literature

Francesca Sciarrillo is from Mold, Flintshire in North Wales and is studying English Literature.

The highlight of my course so far has been developing my own writing skills and being able to study all different time periods and genres. I particularly like the fact that modules are available to look specifically at Welsh Literature in English, or Literature from all four nations.

Ceri James-EvansCeri James-Evans

Ceri James-Evans – English Literature

I could not have chosen a better course than English Literature at Bangor! I have been welcomed with open arms. All the staff are absolutely lovely and getting the chance to discuss and analyse such a breadth of literature in a stunning location that is close to my heart is something I truly treasure. I feel like coming to Bangor to study English Literature has given me a whole new enthusiasm for life. It is the best decision I ever made.”

Hayley PalmerHayley Palmer

Hayley Palmer – English Literature

I love how there are so many opportunities to get involved at Bangor.

Will Hakesley Will Hakesley

Will Hakesley – German and Chinese with French

Will is originally from Worcestershire, and is studying German and Chinese with French.

Pastoral care at Bangor is so much more helpful than I've seen anywhere else, I've never seen a lecturer or personal tutor turn down a student who asks for help, for personal or academic issues.

Finvola DunphyFinvola Dunphy

Finvola Dunphy – English Literature

Bangor’s stunning landscapes provide the perfect setting in which to delve into the works of Dickens, Shakespeare and Joyce. A day spent in the awesome Shankland Reading Room fills me with inspiration and I find myself rushing off to research. Being in an environment with other like-minded students who have a love of literature is incredibly motivating.

Andrew GreenAndrew Green

Andrew Green – Creative and Professional Writing

Bangor was always my first choice. There was never one definitive reason, just a whole lot of good ones.

Elly BakerElly Baker

Elly Baker – BA German and Spanish

Elly Baker is a student of German and Spanish and has just returned from her year abroad in Santiago de Compostela and Berlin

Life at Bangor really does feel like being part of a community and I enjoy studying in a more intimate environment where I know the majority of people in the department.

Alysha KhanAlysha Khan

Alysha Khan – Linguistics

Alysha Khan is from London and currently studying Linguistics at Bangor University.

I'll miss the little moments and memories that I create each day whilst being here.