Gifts and Donations

The Library Service collections have been enriched and strengthened over the years by the generosity of donors.

We are pleased to consider gifts of material which enhance the scholarly activities and academic reputation of the University.  However, we hope that prospective donors understand our need to carefully manage practical constraints such as limited space, staff resource and budgets.  Normally, we will not accept material which will not be added to our collections.

The following are intended as general guidelines; they are not intended to be comprehensive and each donation will be assessed on its individual merits, guided by our Collection Policy.

In general the following are the criteria for acceptance:

  • The material is relevant for current teaching or research in the University.
  • The material strengthens existing collections.
  • The material does not duplicate existing stock.
  • The material must be in good physical condition. For example material should show no evidence of damp or mold, a loose cover or loose, damaged, defaced or missing pages.

Small donations may be left at any of the Library Customer Services desks. We respectfully request that you keep these to about five volumes.

If you wish to donate expensive items, or a greater number of volumes than 5, please contact us via ( in advance providing a full bibliographic list of items (author, title, publisher, year and edition). It may be possible to accept the complete collection and on acceptance it will normally be dispersed throughout the library rather than kept in a separate, discrete collection.

For donations of rare or valuable items, or whole collections please contact Special Collections ( There is a separate Archive and Special Collections Collection Policy and Terms and Conditions of Deposit:

The Library cannot pay for any costs associated with the delivery of gifts to the University. All donations have associated processing and storage costs that the Library must pay from its budget. If you are willing to provide extra financial support towards the cost of processing your gift, it is especially helpful and welcome.

All donations are accepted without obligation to the donors and on the understanding that upon receipt the material becomes the property of the Bangor University Library and Archives Service.

The Library has full authority of how it deals with donated material, including processing times, the final decision to accept or reject items and storage arrangements. We can not usually tell donors about the progress of their gifts or respond to requests to speed up the processing of individual donations.

If an item is not accepted into our collections we will dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner.

We review all of our collections regularly and reserve the right to dispose of any item as set out in the Collection Policy:

We also reserve the right to dispose of any donation held in our external storage facility if it has not been consulted for a period of two years.

Donors are requested to sign a gift receipt form agreeing to the Library Service Gifts and Donations