More Books

Do we have the books you need for your studies? If not, please let us know! 

We have an extensive range of print and e-books available for you to use. However, we have learnt that we don’t always have books that you need. Based on this feedback, we decided to start the More Books campaign!

More Books allows you to suggest books for the library that can be added to our ever growing collection. Library staff will keep you informed on the progress of your suggestion via e-mail.

 How will the Library decide on which books to buy based on your suggestions?

  • Most likely to benefit to our collection.
Use the link below to suggest books that will be helpful for your course.



OR On Library Search: Click on ‘Place Request’ if your search finds 0 results.


If you want to suggest that the library purchase additional copies, login to Library Search and search for the book. Click on ‘More Books’ request option under In Library’ tab.


If the Library decides to purchase a book based on your suggestion, please be aware of the following:

Ordering time - A book can take between two to six weeks from order to availability on the library shelves or online.

Cost - If a book costs over £100, you will be notified that the order has not been approved.

Other options:

Reading List – All books on your reading list should be in the library. If not, e-mail us on

Inter Library Loan – Rather than suggesting buying a book, you can borrow a book not stocked by BU Library through the ILL service. More information here.

SCONUL Access Scheme – BU Library is one of many libraries within the UK that allows students and staff to borrow material from other university libraries. More information here.

Please note: The More Books scheme is for students. If you are a member of academic staff, please read our ‘Ordering new resources’ page.


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