E-Resource Glossary

Authorised users - Any person who has permission to access or otherwise use the resource.


Authentication – a process which identifies who is trying to access it.

Backfiles - The past issues of journals, sometimes included in a subscription.

Boolean searching – is a technique to use when searching within E-Resources to make results more precise. It uses words such as AND, OR, NOT to combine terms within a search.

Databases - A collection of data stored on a computer or server for easy access and retrieval.


E-Book – An electronic version of a book.


E-Journal – An electronic version of a journal/serial title.

Embargo – is a time period from publication to when online access is permitted.


Full-text – is the entire content of an item rather than just an abstract or citation.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) - is the basic language used to create webpages.

HTTP – (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) –is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web.

Interface - point where a user meets a resource


IP address – a number which identifies a computer and its location.

IP authentication – a method e-resource providers use to verify the user and confirm a library’s subscription.

Pay-per-view - a per-transaction method of purchasing access to material at the moment of usage, instead of a subscription.

PDF – (Portable Document Format); this file format requires a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, and Preview.

Remote access - The access and use of library resources outside of the physical library.

Shibboleth – a higher education authentication scheme which provides access to E-Resources by logging users in with their university issued login.

Unauthorised use - any user that the license agreement does not explicitly define as an authorised User.

URL – (Uniform Resource Locator) - The address of a digital document on the Internet.

Walk-in user - Visitors who have permission to use the institution’s publicly available resources.

Web browser - A computer program that retrieves sites or information from a network.