Bangor Reading Lists

The benefits of reading lists

Reading List Self-paced Training

Finding Bangor Reading Lists (PDF | YouTube)
Logging onto Bangor Reading Lists (PDF | YouTube)
Installing the Bookmarklet (PDF | YouTube)

Creating a Reading List

Report a Problem (Opens Outlook)
Creating a Reading List (PDF | YouTube)
Laying out your Reading List (PDF | YouTube)
Editing your Reading List (PDF | YouTube)
Request a Review & Publishing a Reading List (PDF | YouTube)


Bookmarking from the Library Catalogue (PDF | YouTube)
Bookmarking e-Journal Articles (PDF | YouTube)
Bookmarking non-library Resources (PDF | YouTube)
Creating & add to a Reading List (PDF | YouTube)
Adding a Page (PDF | YouTube)

More Advanced Features

Adding a e-Book to a physical Book (PDF | YouTube)
Adding a e-book chapter to a physical Book (PDF| YouTube)
Digitising items for Reading Lists (PDF | YouTube)
Linking to Blackboard (PDF | YouTube)
Creating a Copy of a Reading List (PDF | YouTube)
Roll Over - what you need to know

Help & Support

For more information please email OR contact your College's Academic Support Librarian

Mairwen Owen College of Business, Law, Education & Social Sciences
Jenny Greene College of Arts & Humanities
Beth Hall College of Physical & Applied Sciences
Academic Support Team College of Natural Sciences
Yasmin Noorani College of Health & Behavioural Sciences