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How to Publish Open Access

  • See if a publisher supports Open Access - See Sherpa/RoMEO

  • See if a publisher offers open access publishing or archiving rights complaint with funders’ policies – See Sherpa/RoMEO

  • See if your open access publishing is in compliance with the post-2014 REF


Checking journal compliancy against my funder's policy

The SHERPA Funders' & Authors' Compliance Tool (SHERPA/FACT) published by the Centre for Research Communications (CRC) provides clear guidance to UKRI and Wellcome Trust funded authors on compliance with their Open Access (OA) policies and advises on the options available. This is a beta version of the SHERPA/FACT tool so please be aware that information is dynamic and many publishers are currently updating, changing and clarifying their policies in response to the launch of the UKRI and Wellcome Trust policies.

For further advice and support on how to comply with Research Council policies, please contact the Academic Support team at or extension 2967.

Support at Bangor

UKRI Block Grant - In order to support the implementation of the UKRI policy on Open Access, Bangor University has been provided with a block grant to fund article processing charges (APCs).

In order to access the fund the publication must:

  1. Be the result of UKRI funded or UKRI partially funded research (including PhD Study)

  2. Be a peer-reviewed research or review article being published in an academic journal or conference proceedings.

  3. Be the result of a project which has reached its end date, or a live grant which does not provide funds to cover publication costs.

  4. Include a statement acknowledging the funding that supported the research and, if applicable, a statement on how the underlying research materials, such as data, samples or models, may be accessed.

  5. Be published using the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license.

For more information about the block grant please contact To apply for the block grant please complete this form: [doc] and return to Gwawr Griffiths c/o the Library and Archives Service.

Open Access Publisher Memberships and Discount Schemes

We may be able to support you in publishing open access through publisher schemes that reduce the cost of article processing charges (APCs). If Bangor University holds a traditional subscription to a journal, many publishers offer either an ‘off-setting agreement’ (whereby our subscription costs are reduced) or a financial incentive to authors at the University wishing to publish an open access article in this journal. The Library maintains a complete database of these open access schemes, and if you would like to find out more details and whether you may be entitled to a discount or credit on the APC then please contact the Repository Team for more information.

Examples of publisher schemes where we can offer financial support include: SAGE, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Frontiers

Many publishers support deposition of the accepted author form of articles in a non-commercial repository. For more information check the Sherpa/RoMEO database

Bangor University’s Digital Repository

The Repository section of PURE (the institution's Research Information Management System) is managed by the Library and Archives Service. The aim is to create not just an open access digital archive of the research and scholarship of Bangor University, but a showcase for all the University’s research outputs. Should you wish to deposit a post-print copy of a journal article or conference proceeding to the Digital Repository, please contact

For more information on PURE see:

Bangor University Open Access Policy

Bangor University's Open Access Policy is available here. It requires that a record of all new research output be deposited in Bangor University's Digital Repository. This is known as the Green route to Open Access

For research outputs which have been published in the form of peer reviewed journal articles, authors should retain the copyright of their papers wherever possible so that the full text can be deposited in the repository without embargo. The Library can offer guidance for researchers on asserting personal copyright over material submitted for publication. Please contact the Academic Support team at or extension 2081.

Bangor University is supporting the Green route to Open Access publishing. If you wish to make your article available via the Gold Open Access route (paying the journal publisher a fee to make the paper immediately and freely accessible), a copy will also be placed on the Repository where publisher permission permit. There are funds available only for UKRI-funded researchers to publish via Gold open access, see below re the UKRI Block Grant.

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