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Adding a page

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Edit Mode
Adding a page
Adding Text to the page

The library doesn't check the contents of pages, as a minumin we recommend adding all core items to the reading list itself to guarantee that the library will have copies of the books. The library also suggests, that pages containing lists of resources should only be used as a last resort, and that any new material that you want to add to a initial list, should get bookmarked correctly onto the reading list.

Edit Mode

To get to Edit Mode:

  1. Login to
  2. Click My Lists
  3. Find the reading list you want to add the page to
  4. Click Select Action and select edit list

Adding a page

To add a page, if you already have a section called Wider Reading, jump to step 4:

  1. Left click and hold your mouse on "New Section"
  2. Holding the mouse drag the New Section across onto the "Drag a new section or one of your bookmarks here to add it to the list"
  3. You will then get prompted to name this section - the library suggests naming this section "Wider Reading" and Clicking Save
  4. Left click and hold your mouse on "New Page"
  5. Holding the mouse drag the New Page across into the "Wider Reading" section

Adding Text to a page


  1. After dragging the new page into wider reading you will get the following prompt:
  2. In the page title give the list the name: "Wider Reading Material for " and add either your reading list title and|or module code
  3. In the text box add the text: "Wider Reading: Not all of these items will be available in this library, you may need to make use of the libraries Interlibrary Loan Service" and hit return
  4. Open your word document that contains your reading list
  5. Highlight all the text in the word document and select copy
  6. On the add page screen, click on the Paste from word icon and paste the text in
  7. Click Save
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