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Bookmarking E-Journal Articles

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Always link via the library catalogue
Bookmarking an e-journal article

Always link via the Library Catalogue

Linking to the article via the library catalogue ensures students can access e-resources offsite.

To find out where you can bookmark from click here.

Top Tip: Bookmark the abstract rather than the PDF, as some publishers do not allow deep linking direct to the PDF, this also enables students to see relevant links on the abstract page.

Bookmarking an E-Journal Article

  1. Login to Bangor Reading Lists:
  2. Open a second internet tab and find the library catalogue:
  3. Search for the relevant journal.
  4. Click to open the journal, and browse to the relevant article abstract.
  5. Copy the webpage URL.
  6. Click "Add to My Bookmarks" from the Toolbar
  7. Find Add Field, click drop down arrow beside Author, select Web Address, and click Add
  8. Paste the webpage URL into the web address field, tick the Online Resource Button and select the web address box and click OK
  9. Click either Create OR Create & Add to list - Click here to find out more about create OR Create & Add to List

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