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Bookmarking from the Library Catalogue

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Check the library catalogue for reading list items
Bookmarking from the library catalogue

Check the Library Catalogue for Reading List items

If you wish to add a book to your Reading List, always check the library catalogue first to see whether it is already in stock:

Top Tip: Bookmark the latest edition, unless you specifically need students to use an older edition, please state this in the notes for Library and for Students as we automatically order the newest edition when reviewing lists

Bookmarking from the Library Catalogue

  1. Login to Bangor Reading Lists:
  2. Open a second internet tab and find the library catalogue:
  3. Search for the relevant book or resource.
  4. Click on the book or resource to enable bookmarking (don't bookmark the search results list).
  5. Click "Add to My Bookmarks" from the Toolbar
  6. You should then get presented with the following screen:
  7. Click either Create OR Create & Add to list - Click here to find out more about create OR Create & Add to List


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