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Create & Create and add to list

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Create and add to list

The library recommends when bookmarking, that you chose Create and add to list. You can use either Create or Create and add to list, or a mixture. Both approaches add a bookmark entry to your bookmark list


Pro's Con's
Good if you haven't already created a list or are gathering resources together to go onto a reading list at a later date You have to go back and edit the reading list to add your bookmarks

When you click create, your bookmark will get stored in your bookmarks tab

From here you can, search for your bookmark by title and after finding the item, select actions and "Add to list", from

Create and add to list

Pro's Con's
Adds the resource straight onto your reading list If you haven't created a layout for your reading list you end up with a long list.

When you click Create and add to list, you will get presented with the following popup.

Select the Reading List you want to add the resource to
Select whether you want this resource to appear at the top or bottom of the section
Select which section you want to add this resource to
You can enter a note for students here, an example being: reading chapter 3
Select the importance of the resource, the choices being: Core Text, Recommended Reading, Suggested For Student Purchase or Wider Reading. 

You can add a note for the library here, an example being: This edition has a section which is not in the newer book

Click OK when done



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