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Creating a Reading List

This page has the following sections:

Go to the Reading List Page
Create a list
List Ownership

Go to the Reading Lists Page

Log in to the Reading Lists page: You need to set up a TALIS profile before you can create a list. Lists can be English, Welsh or bilingual.

Top Tip: Always check whether a list already exists for your module, by searching for the module code or title. If there is already a list, contact the library to let them know you plan to edit the list.         

Create a list

Please log-in to Talis Reading Lists, then click on My Lists

Click on Create new list

Enter the module title, or for multiple module titles use a | between each one. 
Enter relevant semester date e.g. Semester 1, 2016. Add a note for students if required. Note your name here if you are not selecting yourself as List Owner (see section 3).

Click Select Hierarchy, and then enter the relevant module code(s).

A reading list can be assigned to more than one module. Type in and select a module code, and then type in the next code if necessary. Click ‘Save’ once all codes have been added.
Select relevant academic year
Enter total number of students on the module.
Click this button to create the reading list

List Ownership

After clicking Create list, the Search for a list owner box appears. If you are the sole person responsible for this reading list, click I am list owner. If you are one of a few people responsible for this reading list, click I am list owner, and put your fellow lecturers names into the description so the library knows who to contact, and email giving the reading list name, and asking the library to give your colleagues the ability to edit the reading list.


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