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Digitising items for Reading Lists

This page has the following sections:

Copyright and Chapter/Article Digitisation
Requesting a Chapter Digitisation
Requesting an Article Digitisation


  • The University has signed up to the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) licence that permits the digitisation of print copies of journal articles and book chapters published in the UK (with some exceptions). You can visit the CLA website to find out more.
  • To make a digitisation request, please follow instructions below.
  • The library will request permission directly from the publisher if more than one chapter is required from a book or more than one article is requested from any journal issue. Adding a second chapter/article can be very expensive.
  • Please note it can take up to 2 weeks for a digitisation request to be completed. 
  • Although the licence allows copying for education there are some works excluded from all CLA licences. To check permissions to ensure it is covered for the purpose (digital, photocopying, and scanning), simply go on to the CLA website to use the 'Check Permissions Tool'.

Copyright and Chapter/Article Digitisation

  • The library offers a service where you can request Book Chapters or Journal Articles to be digitized for reading lists.
  • If an e-book is available to purchase, but not available at the library, the library will purchase the e-book. Where the e-book is already available, we recommend linking via the Linking e-Book Chapter instructions.
  • Before the library can digitise a chapter from a book or article from a journal, the library has to:
    • Check with the CLA that we can digitise the chapter / article

Top Tip: Copyright Law allows the library to digitise 10% or 1 chapter of each individual book or 1 article from a journal, whichever is the greater.

Requesting a Chapter Digitisation

How to request a Chapter for Digitisation:

  1. Use Library Search, the library catalogue to check if the library already has the e-book:
  2. If the book is on Library Search, click Add to My Bookmarks. Otherwise find the book online on a purchase platform (e.g. Amazon), and click Add to My Bookmarks.
  3. Click Create and add to list.
  4. Select the section you want the book to appear in along with the priority.
  5. In notes for the library, please enter the following text with information that allows the library to clearly identify the chapter:
    "Please Digitise Chapter X"
  6. Click OK to add the item to your reading list.
  7. Remember to save your reading list, and request a review.

Requesting an Article Digitisation

How to request an Article for Digitisation:

  1. Search 'everything' in the library catalogue and databases to see if this article is already available:
  2. If the article is not available, search for the journal the article is in, and browse to the abstract for the article, and click Add to My Bookmarks. You may need to tick the box to 'Also show results without Full Text Access' under 'Refine my results'.
  3. Click Create and add to the relevant section of your reading list.
  4. Select the section you want the article to appear in, along with the priority.
  5. In 'Notes for the library', please enter the following text with the name of the article: 'Please digitise article'.
    "Please Digitise Article:"
  6. Click OK to add the item to your reading list.
  7. Remember to save and publish your reading list.
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