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Plan and Prepare your Data

Many funders now expect evidence that you have engaged in data planning, and preparation of a data management plan is a good way to work through all the requirements.  Many funders allow research data management costs to be included in grant applications and it is essential that these costs are identified and factored in. For more information about the requirements of UKRI funding bodies please click here.

The University's Research Data Policy expects data management plans to be written for all new research projects, irrespective of whether submission of such plans is required when applying for research funding.

There are a number of templates and tools available to help you write your data management plan. DMPonline is a web-based tool that provides templates and embedded guidance for data management plans developed by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC)

It is recommended that you cover the following areas in your data management plan:

  • Identify what data will be created (format, types, volume) and contact IT Services to ensure these storage requirements can be met
  • Identify the standards and methodologies to be used (incl. metadata)
  • State how ethics will be addressed, and sensitive data will be managed
  • State how Intellectual Property and responsibilities for data will be addressed, especially in collaborative projects
  • State your plans for data sharing and access
  • State your strategy for long-term preservation

For more information about these areas, see the information in the other sections of these webpages

Example data management plans:

If you would like individual help with writing a data management plan contact your College Research Support Office, or if you have specific enquiries or are interested in a training workshop for your research group please contact

Useful Information

DCC Checklist for a data management plan

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