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Copyright Information for Research Outputs and Theses

As stated in the University's IP Policy, you are the first owner of copyright in your scholarly work unless it has been commissioned by the University or a funding contract claims ownership. When submitting an article for publication in a journal, you will be required to sign a copyright agreement form, please check the details of the copyright agreement carefully.

If you are publishing an Open Access article you will be offered a number of open access copyright licenses: creative commons licenses.  Please see for more information on these licenses.  If you are funded by UKRI and use the UKRI funding to pay to publish an open access article then you are obliged to publish with a CC-BY copyright license.

Intellectual Property

For more information see Research and Enterprise Office: Intellectual Property, Commercialisation and Consultancy

For your thesis:

As a Bangor University Student, whilst we ask that you take best efforts to seek permission for third party copyright material, failure to secure permissions will not affect marking of the work. However, without the required permissions, your work cannot be made publically available in the University’s digital repository eBangor

For more information about copyright and obtaining consent to reuse third party content, please see: 



See more information at:




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