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Archived Reading Lists 2013-14

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Bangor Business School
Biological Sciences
Computer Science
Creative Studies and Media
Electronic Engineering
English Literature
Health Studies
History & Welsh History
Lifelong Learning
Modern Languages & Cultures
Ocean Sciences
Philosophy and Religion
Pre-Reg Nursing/Midwifery
Social Sciences
Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences

Archived Reading Lists 2013-14

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Bangor Business School

Accounting Theory / Advanced Accounting Theory And Practice | ASB-3211; ASB-4418
Entrepreneurship Capital & Firm | ASB-3104
Introduction to Business and Management | ASB-1103
Marketing communication | ACB-2113; ASB-2113
Marketing Research | ASB-2109
New Venture Creation | ASB-4010
Retail Banking | ASB-9048

Biological Sciences

Cellular & Molecular Biology | BNS-1004
Introduction to Microbiology | BSX-1005
Medical Sciences BMedSci | BNS-1004; BSX-1026; JXH-1001; JXH-1017; JXH-1021; MSE-1001; NHS-1117; PPP-1002
Organismal Diversity | BNS-1002
Parasites and Pathogens | BSX-1023


Advanced organic/inorganic/physical chemistry | FXX-3501
Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry | FXX-4503
Chemical Biology | FXX-3502
Chemical Concepts 3 | FXX-3504
Essential Chemistry | FXX-0010
General Chemistry 1st Year | FXC-1101; FXC-1103; FXC-1104; FXC-1105; FXC-1106; FXC-1107; FXC-1111; FXC-1112; FXC-1113; FXC-1114; FXW-1001; FXW-1002; FXX-1005; FXX-1101; FXX-1103; FXX-1104; FXX-1105; FXX-1106; FXX-1107; FXX-1111; FXX-1112; FXX-1113; FXX-1114
General Chemistry 2nd Year | FXC-2101; FXC-2104; FXC-2108; FXC-2109; FXC-2110; FXC-2111; FXX-2101; FXX-2102; FXX-2103; FXX-2104; FXX-2105; FXX-2106; FXX-2107; FXX-2108; FXX-2109; FXX-2110; FXX-2111
General Chemistry 3rd Year | FXC-3116; FXC-3121; FXC-3501; FXC-3503; FXC-3504; FXX-3101; FXX-3116; FXX-3121; FXX-3501; FXX-3502; FXX-3503; FXX-3504; FXX-3505; FXX-3506
Inorganic Chemistry | FXX-2106
Instrumentation & Analytical Methods | FXX-1105
Organic Chemistry | FXX-2107
Organometallic Chemistry & Catalysis | FXX-3505
Physical Chemistry | FXX-2111
Pollution and Environment | FXX-3101
Processes at Interfaces | FXX-4502
Structure and Reactivity (Organic) | FXX-4501
The Chemistry of Us | FXX-1104

Computer Science

Advanced Java Programming | ICP-2151
AI and Agents | ICP-4032
Algorithmic Problem Solving in MATLAB | ICP-2021
Application Development | ICP-2052
Applications of Artificial Intelligence | ICP-3025
Artificial Intelligence for Games | ICP-2025
Computer & Network Security | ICP-3011
Computer Animation | ICP-4008
Computer Architecture | ICP-1033
Computer Graphics - Rendering | ICP-3036
Computer Graphics 2 Algorithms | ICP-2036
Computer networks | ICP-2011
Computer Vision | ICP-3038
Computing Fundamentals | ICP-1030
Data Networks and Communications | ICP-4029
Data Networks and Distributed Systems | ICP-3029
Data Structures and Algorithms | ICP-2027
Database Management Systems | ICP-2037
Database Systems | ICP-3027
Essential IT Skills | ICP-1001
HCI and Computer Graphics | ICP-1036
Imperative Programming in C | ICP-1029
Individual Project - Computer Science | ICP-3099
Information systems | ICP-1043
Internet Technologies for e-commerce | ICP-3123
Introduction to Databases | ICP-1021; ICP-2221
Introduction to Intelligent Systems | ICP-1025
Mathematics for Computing | ICP-1016
Mathematics for Software | ICP-1015
Multimedia | ICP-3042
Natural language processing | ICP-2018
Networking Theory & Practice | ICP-1014
Object Oriented Programming in Java | ICP-1023
Operating Systems and Concurrency | ICP-2033; ICP-3033
Pattern Recognition & Neural Networks | ICP-3083
Professional perspectives | ICP-1064
Programming Fundamentals | ICP-1022
Software Hut | ICP-2302
Unix Operating System | ICP-1002
Web Technologies | ICP-1026
Web-based Applications | ICP-3023

Creative Studies and Media

Authorship | UXS-2025; UXS-3025; UXS-3067
Digital Journalism | UXS-3057
Dissertation/Final Year Group Project | UXS-3090; UXS-3091
Introduction to Media Studies | UXS-1056
Theatre Practice | UXS-3121


Chwedlau'r Oesoedd Canol | CXC-3029; CXC-2029
Y Canu Llys | CXC-2001; CXC-3101
Ysgrifennu Cymraeg | CXC-1005


Astudiaethau Pynciau Craidd 1 | XCC-2008
Children and Society / Plant a Chymdeithas | XAC-1035; XAE-1035
Children's Rights & Participation | XME-4042
Core Studies Module Year 3 | XCE-3002
Cyflwyniad i sgiliau addysgu/Datblygu sgiliau addysgu/Introduction to teaching skills/Development of teaching skills | XTC-3010; XTC-3011; XTE-3010; XTE-3011
Cyflwyniad i Sgilliau Addysgu | XTC-3010
Developing Effective Practice | XAE-2034
Identities in Childhood | XAE-3036
Llythrennedd a Rhifedd 1 | XCC-1008
Non-Core Subject Studies | XCE-2009
Non-Core Subject Studies | XCE-3009
Researching Childhood | XAC-2033; XAE-2033
Sgiliau Addysg / Teaching Skills | XTC-3010; XTC-3011; XTE-3010; XTE-3011
Skills for Learning / Sgiliau ar gyfer dysgu | XAC-1026; XAE-1026
Substance abuse in families / Plant a Cham-drin Sylweddau | XAC-3037; XAE-3037
The Child's World 1 | XCE-1009

Electronic Engineering

Business Process Reengineering | IED-3064
Circuit Design | IES-1005
Communication Systems | ICM-2008
Digital Circuits 2 | IES-2005
Digital Circuits and Design 1 | IME-1006
Electromagnetics | ICM-3008
Engineering Analysis 1 | IEA-2003
Engineering Analysis 2 | IEA-2004
Mathematics 1 | IEA-1001
Mathematics 2 | IEA-1002
Mathematics 3 | IEA-1003
Microelectronics 1 | IME-1009
Microelectronics 3 | IES-3002
Microwave System Design Technology | IES-3005
Signal Processing | ICM-3004
VLSI Design Principles | IES-2006

English Literature

Approaches to Literature (A) | QXE-1010
Approaches to Literature (B) | QXE-1011
Early Twentieth-Century Literature | QXE-2006
Heroes and Villains: Introduction to Medieval Literature | QXE-1003
Literature of Laughter | QXE-1004
Paradise Lost | QXE-3060
Reading the Renaissance | QXE-1008
Travellers' Tales | QXE-1005

Health Studies

Consultation skills | NHS-4227
Coronary Care Nursing | NHS-2014
Dementia care | NHS-3162
Examination and diagnostics | NHS-4228
Leg ulcer nursing | NHS-3135; NHS-3153
Managing Minor Injuries | NHS-3163
Mentoring Learning & Assess (MLAP) | NHS-3137
Non medical prescribing | NHS-4355
OT MSc Dissertation | NHS-4233; NHS-4253

History & Welsh History

Ireland, Scotland & Wales | HGH-2131
Re-igniting the Dragon | HTW-2124; HTW-3124


Commercial Law | SXL-3112
Criminal Law | SXL-2113
Equity and Trusts | SXL-2211
European Union Law | SXL-2110; SXL-3210
Evidence | SXL-2125
Introduction to Law | SXL-1113; SXL-2213
Land Law | SXL-3111
Public Law | SXL-1110; SXL-2210
Tort Law | SXL-2112; SXL-3212

Lifelong Learning

Globalization | YSE-3018

Modern Languages & Cultures

Reading Rosalia de Castro | LXS-2036
The making of Modern Austria | LXG-3009


Brazilian Music | WXM-2209; WXM-3209
David Bowie | WXC-2004; WXC-3004
Music for the Dead: From the Middle Ages to Mozart | WXM-2183; WXM-3183

Ocean Sciences

Introducing the Oceans | OSX-1005
Marine Biology Practical | OSX-1002; OSX-2003
Marine Sediment Environments | OSX-3008
Ocean Sciences Tutorial | OSX-1000
Palaeoceanography | OSX-3012

Philosophy and Religion

Existentialism | VPR-1103

Pre-Reg Nursing/Midwifery

Bachelor of Midwifery | NMW-1201; NMW-1202; NMW-1203; NMW-2201; NMW-2202; NMW-2203; NMW-3201; NMW-3202; NMW-3203
Becoming an effective practitioner | NAS-3203; NAS-3204; NMA-3203; NMA-3204
Developing mental health nursing practice | NAS-2201; NAS-2202; NMA-2201; NMA-2202
Evaluating practice | NAS-3205; NAS-3206; NMA-3205; NMA-3206
Human Sciences | NAC-1203; NAC-1204
Introduction to Mental Health Nursing | NMA-1202
Mental health and wellbeing: contexts for effective practice | NMA-2203; NMA-2204


Emotion and Motivation | PNP-3002
Evidence-based Behavioural Methods in Education (EBMEd) | PLP-3003
Social psychology | PPP-2010


Agroforestry Systems and Practice | DDL-4004
Catchment Processes | DXX-2011
Ecology & Evolution | DNS-1003
Human Geography | DXX-1004
Inventory, Assessment and Monitoring | DDL-4205

Social Sciences

20 Day Placement | SXW-4011; SCW-4011
80 Day Placement | SXW-4014; SCW-4014
Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice | SXY-1007
Knowledge and skills base for social work | SCW-4003; SXW-4003
Social Policy for Social Work Practice | SCW-4005; SXW-4005
The Life Course | SXW-4007; SCW-4007
The Research Process | SCW-4009; SXW-4009
Values and ethics for social work practice | SXW-4008; SCW-4008

Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences

Biomechanics | JXH-1020
Environmental Physiology: Hypoxia | JXH-3038
Exercise for Clinical Populations | JXH-3048
Healthy Ageing | JXH-4001
Human Physiology | JXH-1017
Motor Control and Learning | JXH-2020
Performance Physiology | JXH-4007
Physical Activity and Health | JXH-1028
Skill Acquisition | JXH-3050
Sport and Exercise Physiology - Welsh Delivery | JXH-2024
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