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Archived Reading Lists 2016-17

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Molecular Pathology
MSc Mindfulness Thesis
Research Methods for business
Beginners German Plus
Principles of Marketing / Egwyddorion Marchnata
Medical Law and Ethics
Behavioural Neurology
International Environmental Law
Upland Management
MA Dissertation
Earth History and Evolution
Stem cells
Jonson to Johnson
Contemporary Chinese Studies
Issues in Forensic Linguistics
Gofal yn y Gymuned/Community Care
Gweithdy Creadigol
The Everyday in French Culture
Stress Anxiety, and Health
The Child's World 1
Advanced Health Physiology
Communicating Science
Biological Science Tutorials
Management Accounting
Sharks and their relatives
Introduction to Herpetology
Management Planning
Reading Myth
Marine Biology Practical II
International Human Rights Law
Computer & Network Security
Spanish Language 2
Policing and Society
Metaphor and Thought
Modern Four-Nations Literatures
Advanced Mooting Skills and Legal Ethics
Financial Institution Risk Management
Spectroscopy and Analysis
(Bi)lingualism: Research and Methods
The Guardians of Heritage
Disgrifio'r Gymraeg
Forest Resources & Assessment
Best Practice and Behaviours MOOC
Learning from social and non-social rewards
Sgiliau Ymchwil
Saints, Outlaws, & Werewolves
Strategic Environmental Management
CBT - Adults+ Basic ' Specific
The developing CYP nurse
Organismal Diversity
Poverty and Social Exclusion
Healthcare Practice 1
Mathematics PGCE
Information systems
Celt: Sefydliadau/Institutions
CHIP Draft
Language and Culture
Advance GIS & Remote Sensing
Arts Administration
Human Sciences 1
Forensic Psychology
MSc Dissertation (B)
Test Deletion List
Applied Diagnostic Sciences
Strategic Management
Beginners French Plus
General Practice Nursing
Introduction to CBT
Advanced French Plus
Celt: Ffynonellau/Sources
Words and selves
Educational Leadership
Diagnostic Sciences
Research Dissertation
Forestry Study Tour
Evidence-based educational methods (XAE-3051)
Skills for Learning / Sgiliau ar gyfer dysgu
Core Physical Chem Concepts
Project and Dissertation
Themes in Eastern Religion and Philosophy
Cognitive Psychology
International Experience
Agriculture and Environment
Applied Physiology
Human Resource Management
Health Economics
Women and the Arts
Personality judgement and behaviour
Applied Clinical Technologies
Research Methods
Monsters of Spain
Culture and the Body
Travellers' Tales
Coastal Water Processes
Estuary and Shelf Sea Processes
Graffiti: marking time and space
Advanced Optical Communication
Core Economics
Study of Music: Unit 4
Computational and Study skills
Byd y Plentyn 2/The Child's World 2
Financial Engineering
Intermediate Japanese (LFA)
Dissertation MSci
Specialised Chemistry Lab
Beginners German
Financial Economics
Cyflw'd i Gynllunio Ieithyddol
Celt: Modern
Person Centred Counselling
Trio Sonata in England
Gegenwartssprache II
Natural language processing
Achieving quality care
Cyfrifeg Ariannol
Culture and the Body
Introductory Research Skills
Research Methods IV
Introductory Arabic
Exercise Psychology
Contemp. Women's Studies
Meaning and Mind
Sgiliau Iaith Ffrangeg / French Language Skills
Climate Change Law and Policy
Public International Law
Mergers and Acquisitions
Medical Genetics
Cymdeithaseg a'r byd cyfoes
Topic E1 - The Conduct of Monetary Policy
Lleoliad 100 diwrnod / 100 day placement
Catchment Processes
Astudiaethau Pynciau Craidd 1 / Core Subject Studies 1
Prospective student reading material for School of Biological Sciences
International Economics
Psychology of Injury & Rehab
Cyflwyniad i Sgilliau Addysgu
French Cinema since 1960
Safeguarding Children / Diogelu Plant
Project 3 Sbaeneg (2bb/1ib)
Consumer and Applied Psychology
Advances in Behaviour
Physical Oceanography
Intro. Mandarin Chinese
Arferion Profesiynol 3 / Professional Practice 3
Marine mammal observation
Psychology of Religion
Y Canu Llys
Tutorials Year One
Artificial Intelligence for Games
Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
Human Geography
Theatre Society
Virtual Environments and Human Perception
Poetry and Short Fiction
Legal Skills
Models of Sentence Processing
Manuscripts and Printed Books
Reading Contemporary Galician Culture
Microelectronics 2
David Bowie
Study Skills - Social Sciences
Tort Law
Advanced Corporate Finance
National and EU Public Procurement Law / International Procurement Regimes
Control Systems
People, Space, Place
Presentations in statistics
Environmental Physiology: Hypoxia
Developing Mental Health Nursing Practice
Equity and Trusts
Understanding Society
Marine Processes and Systems
Hybu Iechyd / Promoting Health
Research Expedition
The music of Michael Nyman
Dutch 1 & Dutch II
Probability and optimisation
Developing the Adult Nurse
Applied Ethics
Creative Writing: Poetry
Spanish for Beginners and Intermediate Students S2
European Union Law
South Africa Field Trip
Intellectual Property
Athroniaeth a/mewn Llenyddiaeth- Philosophy and/in Literature
Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice
Perspectives in Youth Justice
Identities in Childhood / Hunaniaethau mewn Plentyndod
EFL Teaching
Copy of Tides, Waves and Sampling
Traethawd hir Ffrangeg (CA)
Early Medieval Literature
Datblygu Nyrsio Oedolion 2
Beginners' French (LFA)
Introductory Japanese
Sociology of Childhood and Youth
Arthurian Literature
Exploring America - An introduction
Psychology of Sport Performance
Non medical prescribing
Project Planning and Management
Marketing Strategy and Management
Realms of Magic
Public Law
Haematology and Transfusion
Sustainable Use of Non-Timber Forest Products
Religious Perspectives
Holy Wars 1095-1197
Sports Nutrition
Cynllunio Ieithyddol
Research Skills
Mentoring Learning & Assess (MLAP)
Financial Accounting
Distance Learning Dissertation
Microeconomics / Microeconomeg
Microelectronics 3
Skill Acquisition
Ieithyddiaeth Gymraeg
Mental Health & Society: Core Texts & Recommended Reading
The German Film
Public Health Nutrition
Chemical Concepts 3
Marine Physiology & Behaviour
Issues in Equality
Sgiliau cyfathrebu Ffrangeg Bl.1/ French Communication Skills Yr.1
Natural Resource Management
Vertebrate Biology
20th-Century Women Composers
Performance Psychology
Archaeology: An Introduction
Work Based Learning
Sbaeneg Rhagaweiniol Plws
Research Methods Part B
Theory and Interpretation in Celtic Archaeology
Approaches to Literature (A)
Agriculture and Society
21st C. Writing & Publishing
Y Plentyn Iach / The Healthy Child
General Chemistry 3rd Year
Dylunio a Gwneuthuriad 5 / Design and Manufacture 5
Chinese for Beginners 1
Entrepreneurship Capital & Firm
Sounds and Sound Systems
Data Networks and Distributed Systems
Pynciau Allgraidd 1 / Non-Core Subject Studies 1
Wales in the Modern World / Cymru yn y Byd Modern
Field Course ACE
Gender Perspectives
Manuel de Falla
Documents & Sources (Modern)
Forest Pathology
Intermediate Japanese Plus
Behavioural Ecology
The Violin in World Culture
Roman Law and Legal History
Foundations of Linguistics II
Astudiaethau Proffesiynol 3 / Professional Studies 3
Physiological Assessment Skills
Personality & Individual Differences (Cym)
Cymdeithaseg a'r Byd Cyfoes
Advanced Chinese
Research in Psychological Skill
Stress and Performance
Inventory, Assessment and Monitoring
Advanced Auditing and Assurance
Introduction to Bilingualism
Natural Resource Development
Practical Journalism and Practical Digital Journalism
Research Process
Public Sector Management
Beginners Spanish Plus
Digital Circuits and Design 1
Land Law
Media Law
Sgiliau Addysg / Teaching Skills
Introductory Mandarin Plus
Environmental Geochemistry
Ecology & Evolution
Dissertation/Final Year Group Project
Practical Skills 1
Marine Sediment Environments
Plant ag Anawsterau Cyfathrebu / Children w. Com. Difficulties
Social & Behavioural Sciences
Ancient Philosophy
Physical Activity and Health
Teaching abroad / Dysgu dramor
GC gyda Phlant PI a Theuluoedd / Social work with children, young people and families
Marine Ecology
O'r Llyfr i'r Llwyfan
French Language Skills
Women in Germany
Optical Communications
Golwg ar Lenyddiaeth
Settlement Systems
ACP GI Endoscopy & Screening
Victorian Literature
Fusion Ensemble " Inst./Singing Studies (Ethnic AND Western)
The Gothic in Literature/Film
Policy Research and Evaluation
Forest Ecosystems
Intermediate Spanish (LFA)
Beginners French Plus
L2 Speech Learning
Technologies for Internet Systems
Transcreative Writing
Amrywiaeth yn y Gymraeg
Transformative Writing
Music Analysis: Schenkerian Techniques
Poverty, Society and the State
Applied Consumer Psychology
Themes and Issues in History
Financial Institutions Strategic Management
Studying Literature
Return to Practice
Heimat: What is Germany?
Soil Management
Opera Gyfoes a Theatr Gerdd
East Germany and its Legacy
Comparative Banking
Social psychology
Crime and the Media
Working with European Literature
Apocalypse Then: 14th century
Development of the Moving Image
Introduction to Economics / Cyflwyniad i Economeg
Alfred Hitchcock
Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy
History of Journalism & Public Sphere / Hanes Newyddiaduraeth
Ireland, Scotland & Wales
Preparation for Practice
Portfolio Academic Skills
Climate and Climate Change
European Ideas and Ideologies
Developing Adult Nursing
Intellectual Property Law
Spanish for Beginners and Intermediate Students
Financial Economics
International Experience
Global Food Security
Assessment and Positive Outcomes
Media Culture
Forest Ecosystems UG
Byd Plentyn 1
Biomedical Practical
Financial Ethics and Regulation
Work, Employment and Labour Markets
20th Century Philosophy of Religion
German Cultural Module
International Criminal Law
Communicating Practice
3 Lang Project (3 major)
Ast.Proffesiynol Uwchradd / Professional Studies Secondary
Psychology of Faith & Culture
Debating History
Working on a Translation Portfolio
Applied Research in Criminology
SH Spanish Dissertation
Customer Insight Project
Intermediate French (LFA)
Sylfaen Wybodaeth a Sgiliau ar gyfer Gwaith Cymdeithasol / Know & Skills Base for S Work
Sports Science Career Case Studies
Welsh Linguistics
Playable Fiction
Parasites and Pathogens
The Forestry Profession
Beginners Chinese Plus
Engineering Analysis 1
Advanced Consumer Psychology
Advanced Spanish
Personality & Individual Differences
Foundations of Linguistics
Advanced Chemical Techniques
Brain Development and Degeneration
Polisis Cymdeithasol ar gyfer Gwaith Cymdeithasol/Social Policy for Social Work Practice
Principles of Life 2 (Mulley)
Chemistry Laboratory 1
Profiad Ysgol Uwchradd / School Experience Secondary
RF and Optical MEMS
CYP w a Long Term Cond (B) / CYP with a long term condition
Spanish Language 1
German for Beginners I
Ffrangeg Rhagarweiniol
Microwave System Design Technology
Research Methods in Linguistics
Detective Fiction
Dylunio a Gwneuthuriad 2 / Design and Manufacture 2
Corporate governance and regulation
Marketing Strategy
The 1820s: Print Explosion
Earth Systems and Processes
Ill Adult/Medical Management " Acute Medical Care
Iaith Plentyn a Dwyieithrwydd / Child Language & Bilingualism
Health policies in Britain
Working with Young People
Single Hon French Dissertation
Chwarae Plant / Child's Play
Conservation Practice
Professional Skills
Lleoliad 80 Diwrnod / 80 Day Placement
Creative Writing: The Novel
Ymreolaeth a chydraddoldeb / Autonomy and equality
Journal Club Readings
Issues in Housing
Recording Techniques
Human Sciences 2
Research Project Foundations for Computer Science
Managing Minor Injuries
Introduction to British Prehistory
Circuit Theory
Research Skills
Evidence-based Behavioural Methods in Education (EBMEd)
Applied Sport Psychology
Mindfulness - Foundation
Tropical Forestry Study Tour
Globalisation and Social Change
3 Lang Project (2 maj/1 min)
Animal Ethics and Welfare
Dementia care
Further Microengineering
Industrial Organisation
Globalisation and Multinational Companies
Geodesy & Positioning
Anawsterau Dysgu Dwys/Profound Learning Difficulties
Key Issues in International Social Work
Behaviour Change Procedures
Digital Journalism
Immanuel Kant
Core Chemical Concepts 1
Computer Graphics 2 Algorithms
Applied Social Research
Processes at Interfaces
Applied Geophysics
Professional Publishing
Social Issues in Forest Management
Yr Iaith ar Waith
Behavioural Finance
Ffrangeg i Ddechreuwyr 1 / French for Beginners 1
Information and Coding in Communications
MA Fine Arts
Dissertation MA in Translation Studies
Language: A Cognitive Approach
Introductory German Plus
Marketing of Services
Thematic and Semiotic Analysis
Twentieth Century Women Composers
Tides, Waves and Sampling
Achieving quality care
Research Planning and Communication
Beginners Japanese Plus
Beginners' Italian Plus
The Enlightenment
Astudiaethau Pynciau Craidd 2/ Core Subject Studies 2; Traethawd Hir/Research Project; Egwyddorion Addysgeg Cynradd; Educational Pedagogy
International Strategic Management
Advanced Physical Chemistry
Developing MH Nursing Practice (B)/Datblygu Ymarfer Nyrsio (D)
Making Snowdonia
Biological Psychology
Datblygiad Cynaliadwy / Sustainable Development
Financial Markets and Institutions / Marchnadoedd Sefyd Ariannol
Game Design
Advanced Chinese
Sustainability and & Social Procurement
Dwyieithrwydd / Bilingualism
Contract Law
Irish Literatures
Corporate Social Responsibility
Ast.Proffesiynol Uwchradd / Professional Studies Secondary
Social Inclusion and Diversity
Reading Rosalia de Castro
GI Endoscopy Nursing
Business Study Skills
Young Children's Development
Person Centred Adult Nursing 1
Identity and Diversity
Arferion Profesiynol 2 / Professional Practice 2
Athroniaeth a Llenyddiaeth
Animation and Motion Graphics
Exercise for Clinical Populations
Heroes and Villains: Introduction to Medieval Literature
Project 3 Ffrangeg (2bb/1ib)
Geographical Thought
Freshwater Ecosystems
International Banking
Introduction to EEG/ERP
Renewable Energy
Research Skills (ATP)
EFL Theory
Datblygu Sgiliau Addysgu 7-11 / Developing Teaching Skills 7-11
Core Organic Chemical Concepts
Cyflwyniad i sgiliau addysgu/Datblygu sgiliau addysgu/Introduction to teaching skills/Development of teaching skills
Performance for Stage and Screen
Resource Efficient Farming
History of English
Academic Tutorial
Sonic Art Reading List
Beginners' Spanish (LFA)
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Language and Mind
Global Child
Intro to Semantics and Pragmatics
International Marketing Communication
Bioleg Moleciwlar & Biocemeg / Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Dissertation / 3 Language Project preparation
Communication Systems
Introduction to Philosophy of Religion
Green Economies
The German Language and Power
Traethawd hir Sbaeneg - AS
Forest Ecosystems and Services
Diagnostic Cellular Pathology
Animal Survival Strategies
Global Food Security
Cynhwysiant ac Anghenion Dysgu / Inclusion and Learning Needs; Egwyddorau Addyseg Cynradd / Principle of Primary Pedago; Cefnogi Anghenion Dysgu /Supporting Learning Needs
Contemporary Literature
Race and Immigration in France
Evolution and Human Social Behaviour
Sociology of Religion
Mindfulness and the Brain
Forest Ecology
Applications of Artificial Intelligence
International Law of Armed Conflict
Marketing Research
Introduction to Microbiology
Privacy and the Media
Introductory French Plus
BA Fine Arts
Computer Vision
The Acutely Ill Child
Early Modern Philosophy
Genome Stability & Disease
Clinical Biochemistry
Insect Pollinators and Plants
Marine Biology Practical
Contemporary Social Debates
Joint Hon Spanish Dissertation
3 Lang Project (3 major)
Working Chemistry 1
Cyf. i Ymarfer y Cyfryngau / Intro' to Media Practice
Popular Music Culture & Media
MSc Physiology
Human Molecular Genetics
Practice-related Research
Intermediate Chinese Plus
Instrumentation & Analytical Methods / Instr & Anal Meth non Chemists
Research Skills for Chemists
Intermediate Spanish Plus
Medical Sciences BMedSci
Commercial Law
Environmental Policy
Human Immunology
Silvilculture: Principles and Practice
Foundation in molecules and cells
Exploring America: An Introduction
Current Musicology
Behavioural psychology
Writing for Film & Television
Sbaeneg Rhagarweiniol
Prince Madog Cruise
Finance for Managers
Faith & Reason
Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice
Site-specific Performance
Rhyfel Cartref America
Genre Fiction: Theory & Craft
International Tax: Policy and Practice
Research Skills
Project 3 Iaith Sbaeneg (pb)
Music Cultures of the World
Prosiect Ymchwil / Research Project
Human Physiology
Astudiaethau Pynciau Allgraidd
Introduction to Teaching Skill
Advanced German
Management plan
MRes Humanities: Dissertation
Beginners' German (LFA)
Introduction to Islam
Sgiliau iaith Ffrangeg Bl.1/ French Written Skills Yr.1
Life in Wetlands
Spain field trip
TAR Uwchradd Addysg Grefyddol / PGCE Secondary Religious Education
Control of Mental Processes
Carbon foot-printing and life cycle assessment
Sgiliau cyfathrebu Ffrangeg Bl.1/ French Communication Skills Yr.1
Introduction to Historic Archaeology
Doing Social Research
Late Medieval/Early Tudor
Spoken Spanish Advanced
Extreme Marine Habitats
Research for HCP s2
Marketing communication
Research Methods III (RMS III)
Editing Medieval Music - Do Not Rollover JLG 25/05/2017
Marine Conservation and Exploitation
Consultation skills
Sensors and Instrumentation
Object Oriented Programming
Arferion Profesiynol 1 / Professional Practice 1
Intermediate French Plus
Statistical Methods
Sgriptio Teledu
Ecology & Evolution
Catchment Modelling Reading List
Ymchwilio mewn Plentyndod / Researching Childhood
Critical Theory in Practice
Psychology as a Science
Criminal Law
Algorithmic Problem Solving in MATLAB
Hanes a Diwylliant Ewrop
Introduction to Intelligent Systems
Scientific Visualization
Aspects of Music Education
Person-centred behavioural procedures
Basic Clinical Biochemistry
Research Methods Part A: Computational Statistics
Management: Planning and Control
Creative Industries
Mindfulness & Individual Therapy
Reading the Renaissance
Advanced Chinese Plus
Corporate Risk Management
Chemical Biology
General Chemistry 1st Year
Developmental Psychology
Beginners' Chinese (LFA)
Information Systems
Introduction to Logic
Money and Banking
Banking and Development
Quantitative Methods / Dulliau meintiol
Data Structures and Algorithms
Vocal Pedagogy
Advanced French Plus
Civil War: Eng & Wal 1558-1660
Practical Journalism / Newyddiaduraeth Ymarferol
Engineering Analysis: Linear Systems
Human Sciences in Nursing II
Core Chemistry Laboratory
The Twentieth-Century Symphony
Beginners Chinese Plus
Radiography Practice 1
Chemistry in Biology and Environment
Curriculum Development
Mobile Communication Systems
Political Cinema and Television
Research Project / Dissertation / Project Proposal
Dylunio a Gwneuthuriad 4 /Design and Manufacture 4
Operations Strategy
Data Networks and Communications
Language, Space & Time
Introductory German
Structure and Reactivity (Organic)
Professional Practice
Approaches to Literature (B)
Children Ethics and Culture
Pattern Recognition & Neural Networks
World War Two and Social Change
Chinese for Beginners 2
The Role of the midwife in Society
The Tudors 1485-1603
Business Process Reengineering
Introduction to Literary Theory and Scholarship
Maths Skills for Chemists
Introduction to Marketing / Cyflwyniad i Farchnata
Information Visualisation
Exercise Psychology
Consumers in a global and digital world
Birth of Modern Europe
Beginners Italian
Linguistics background reading list
Global Health and Welfare Issues
Yr Heddlu a Chymdeithas Gyfoes
International Commercial Arbitration
Advanced Org and Inorg Chem
Cysyniadau Cynaladwyedd
Signal Processing
Chemistry 1
Material Texts & Editing
Agro-ecosystem Services
Music and Ritual
Operations Management
Computing Fundamentals
Intermediate Chinese Plus
Substance abuse in families / Plant a Cham-drin Sylweddau
Y Cyfryngau yng Nghymru
Advancing Professional Knowledge
Individual Project - Computer Science
Cyfraith i Waith Cymdeithasol 2 / Law for Social Work 2
Microelectronics 1
Intermediate Italian Plus
Seicoleg Plant/Child Psychology
Evolution of Management Thought
Functions of Discourse
Creu Cerddoriaeth
Early Modern Literature: Sex, Sects, and Scandal
Adlewyrchu ar Ymchwll / Reflections on Research
Religion, Gender and Sexuality
Quantitative Methods for Business
USA, 1877-1945
Sediment Geotechnics
International Financial Management
Ethics and Professional Conduct
Traethawd hir Ffrangeg (AS)
Researching Community
Rheolaeth Cefngwlad
Profiad Ysgol Uwchradd / School Experience Secondary
Edition (Project, Year 3)
VLSI Design Principles
British Cinema films in library
Introduction to Databases
Theorising Film
Crime and Justice in Modern Britain
Galician I/Galician II
Foundations of Linguistics I
Assessed Teaching Practice
Rethinking Archaeology
Ocean Sciences Tutorial
Edward I a'r Cyrion Celtaidd
Essential IT Skills
Britain and the European Union
Language Acquisition
Honours Project
Mathematics 3
Forestry in the 21st Century
Values and Ethics / Gwerthoedd a Moeseg
Intertidal Field Project
Introduction to Modern History
Nudges & Behaviour Change
History and Development of Journalism
Operating Systems and Concurrency
Therapeutics & Practice
Clinical and Cognitive Neuropsychology of Vision
Performance and History
Clinical Physiology
Performance Physiology
Computer Architecture
Issues in Corpus Linguistics
Cultural Economy of the Media
Mindfulness for Pain and Illness
Leadership in Context
The LD Nurse in Practice
Group Dynamics
Bande Dessinee & Adaptation
Motor Control and Learning
Documentary Film-making
PRP-4015 Research Methods Skills
Accounting Theory / Advanced Accounting Theory And Practice
Retail Banking
Financial Statement Analysis
Psychoacoustics & Aud Neuro
Safbwyntiau Gweithwyr Cymdeithasol/Social Work Perspectives
Digital Communications
Joint Hon. French Dissertation
Beginners' Japanese (LFA)
Intermediate Italian 1
Understanding the Middle Ages
Intermediate German (LFA)
Positive Behavioural Support 1
Marketing Analysis
3 Lang Project (2 maj/1 min)
Human Sciences
Ysgrifennu Cymraeg
Intermediate Chinese (LFA)
Gweithdy Cynghanedd
Scientific Writing & Communication I (SWAC I)
Forest and Woodland Management
Book List
Barddoniaeth Fodern
Ast.Proffesiynol Uwchradd / Professional Studies Secondary
The Archaeology of Settlement and Economy in Early Medieval Ireland
Dafydd Ap Gwilym
Company Law for Business
Women's Devotional Writing
Mentora a Chyfeillio/Mentoring and Befriending
Natural Language Computing
The Study of Music: Unit 2
Networking Theory & Practice
Beginners Japanese Plus
Sociological Theory Today
Object Oriented Programming in Java
Competition Law
Harmony and Counterpoint Year 2
TAR Uwchradd Cerddoriaeth / PGCE Secondary Music
Mandarin Rhagarweiniol
The public health role of the midwife
Scripted Media
Conceptual & Historical Issues in Psychology
Media, Culture & Creativity
Applied Business Projects
America on Film
Cerdd mewn Iechyd a Lles A
Advanced French
Emergency Practitioner
Neoliberal Environments
International Business
Political Philosophy
The Contemporary Past
Research Methods & GIS
Equalities, Diversities and Social Justice
Computer Graphics – Rendering
Personal Social Services
Professional Perspectives
Cenhedloedd Sbaen yn yr 20fed Ganrif
Personal Finance
Film Industry Development
Evolution and Genetics
Rivers and Environment
Mathematics 2
Knowledge Management
Astudio Cerddoriaeth
Project and Dissertation
Cenedlaetholdeb yn Sbaen
International Financial Markets
Circuit Design
Llen y Cyfnod Modern Cynnar
Admiralty Law
Applied Psychology in Context
Authorship and Hollywood
Perception and Memory
The Making of a Discipline
Examination and diagnostics
Adaptations in European Cinema
Minimalism / Minimaliaeth
Intermediate Italian (LFA)
Words and Music
Introductory Spanish
Paradoxes of Self: Nietzsche and Jung
Introduction to Syntax & Morphology
XME-4211 Research Methods in Education (MDIS)
Early Modern Body Politics [not running in 2015/16]
Literature and Modernity
Welsh Writing in English
Dementia Advances
Introduction to Philosophy and Religion
Financial Crisis and Banking Regulation
Evaluating practice
New Venture Creation
Healthcare 1 - Law and Ethics
The Chemistry of Us
Developing Adult Nurse II
The Norman Conquest
Thatcher's Britain: Politics, society and culture in the 1980s
Biochemistry of Exercise
International Banking and Capital Markets
Developing Effective Practice
Digital Circuits 2
Research Methods in Education
Principles of Primary Pedagogy/Egwyddorion Addyseg Cynradd
Mathematics for Computing
Death of God
Financial Econometrics
French Travel
Social Science Perspectives
Web-based Applications
Application Development
Database Management Systems
Software Hut
BioScience, Enterprise & Employability
Unix Operating System
Clinical neuropsychology
Programming Fundamentals
Investment Banking
The Romantic Period in Britain
Y Broses Ymchwil / The Research Process
The Developing Child and Young Person
Spain Through its Writers
Psychomotor Behaviour
Applied Artificial Intelligence
Writing the Short Film
Profiad yn y Gweithle 3 / Workplace Experience 3
Cellular & Molecular Biology
The Social Brain
Profiad Ysgol Uwchradd / School Experience Secondary
Comparative Zoology
Research Methods
British Cinema
Learner Support - Assess and Plan
Introduction to Screenwriting
Divided Germany
Macroeconomics / Macroeconomeg
Shakespeare's Afterlives
Business Economics / Economeg Busnes
German Language Skills
Cerdd mewn lechyd a lles B
Organisational Learning in the Knowledge Economy
Literature in the Community
Gegenwartssprache 1
Aspects of Clinical Psychology
Geography Outdoors
Antonìn Dvořák
Experimental Writing
Victorian Literature AND Dickens and Print Culture
Theatre and the Self
Introducing the Oceans
Medical Microbiology
Modern American Drama
Business Skills
Datblygiad Plant Ifanc/ Young Children's Development
Database Systems
Brain & Mind
Llen a chymdeithas 2
Beginners' Spanish
Translation in Practice
Web Technologies
Advanced Sensor Systems
Clinical Neuropsychology
Approaching Translation
Research Methods II
Visual Languages and Purpose
Documents and Sources in Medieval and Early Modern History
ML Research Methods
Mindfulness - Teaching 1
Computer networks
Cyn-gynhyrchu'r ffilm fer
Mathematics for Software
Computer Animation
Developing proficiency in midwifery practice and an introduction to high risk care
Instrumental Teaching Techniques
Inorganic Chemistry
Healthcare 2
Children and Society / Plant a Chymdeithas
New Technologies
Physical Chemistry
Wetlands Classes & Biodiversity
Ecosystem Function and Services
Imperative Programming in C
Consumer Behaviour
Language and Behaviour Change Interventions
English and Society
Diabetes Nursing
Celfyddyd Sonig
Buddhist Background
Wetland Field Course
Global News Agenda
Personality and Individual Differences
Chwedlau'r Oesau Canol
Modes of Critical Theory
Culture, Race and Civilization
Organic Chemistry
Modelling and Design
Principles of Organisation and Management
Harmony and Counterpoint Year 1
Wetland Hydrology & Biogeochemistry
Business Information Systems
Learning to be Happy
Pollution and Environment
Kaempfend gegen die Schweine
Dickens and Print Culture
Land and Power in England and Wales c.1780-1888
Seven jazz women
The Film Industry (not running in 2015/16)
The Beatles
Climate change
Research Skills
Advanced Java Programming
Animal Design
Larval Ecology
Sociological Theory
Introduction to Sport Science for Coaches
Shakespeare and Early Modern Dramatists
Children Literacy & Literature/Plant, Llythrennedd a Llen
Applied Sport Science of Elite Performance
introduction to cyp nursing
Barcelona: a Cultural History
Contemp. Europe + its History
The Psychology of Language
Mental health and wellbeing: contexts for effective practice
Applied Molecules and Cells
Literature of Laughter
An introduction to the health of individuals and groups
Topics of European Cinema
Phonology in Bilingual Acquisition
Marine Insurance
Research and Methods
Perception & Action
God and Existence
Local Field Courses
Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
Essential Chemistry
Advanced organic/inorganic/physical chemistry
Dechrau o'r Dechrau / The Past Unwrapped
Preparing to teach
The Addicted Body / Y Corff Caeth
Historical Linguistics
Bioscience Skills
Y Gymraeg a Chymdeithas
Examination of the newborn
Biological Basis of Psychological Disorders
History of Galicia
Consumer Psychology: Theory
Introduction to Mental Health Nursing
Sport and Exercise Physiology
FLA - Teaching as a Foreign Language Assistant
Mindfulness - Teaching 2
VC3: Race and Gender
Exercise Rehabilitation
Advances in Behaviour
Practical Developmental Biology
Materion Iechyd a Lles / Health and Welfare Issues
Research Methods I
Dylunio a Chyfathrebu / Design Communication
Research Methods
Geomorffoleg Afonol
Biological Foundations of Memory
Mathematics 1
AI and Agents
Java Technologies
Bilingual and Acquisition Issues
Key Issues to Social Policy
Second Language Acquisition
Family and Welfare Law
Earth and Ocean Observation
Internet Technologies for e-commerce
Translation Studies: the Making of a Discipline
Ffrangeg i Ddechreuwyr 2 / French for Beginners 2
Llên a Chymdeithas
Practical Oceanography
Cymru ar sgrin / Wales on Screen
Field Course: Forestry
Material Texts and Contexts
Introduction to Law
Climate change
Lleoliad 20 Diwrnod / 20 Day Placement
Organometallic Chemistry & Catalysis
Publishing and Processing Music
Advertising Strategy
Field Course: Making Snowdonia
Research Design - This list does not need Review. JLG 26/9/17
Applied Behaviour Analysis
Notation and Editing
Principles and Practices of Public Health and Health Promotion
Almaeneg Rhagarweiniol
Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Art
Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages
Language and Identity
Theatre Making
Cyflwyniad i Bolisi Cymdeithasol
Introduction to Language
Press Dossier
Catalan Identity on the Screen
Business Strategy / Strategaeth Busnes
Creating Narratives
Introduction to Business and Management / Busnes a Rheolaeth
Acousmatic Composition
Scientific Writing and Communication II
Forest History, Policy and Management
Short Film Pre-Production
Comparative Public Administration
HCI and Computer Graphics
Dysgu Sut i Addysgu / Learning to Teach; Astudiaethau Proffesiynol/ Professional Studies
Company Law
Intro to Neuroimaging
Law for non Lawyers
Advanced Chinese Plus
Organisations and People
Advanced Spanish
International Law of Human Rights
Medieval Women's Writing
EU Internal Market Law
Brazilian Music and Culture
Global Brand Management
Field Course Geography
Topics in Child Health and Wellbeing
Creative Writing: Prose
Journalism and Risk
Introductory Spanish Plus
Japaneeg Rhagarweiniol
International Financial Markets
Introduction to Creative Writing: Prose
Vikings to Magna Carta
Beowulf to Malory
International Banking
Anarchism in Europe and America
An introduction to the role of the midwife in society
Italian mafias: myths and reality
Green Technologies
Dylunio a Gwneuthuriad 1 / Design and Manufacture 1
Ruled by an Orange
Spanish for Advanced Students
Disability Sport & Rehab
Anatomy and Histopathology
Sociology of Health and Illness
Conservation Science
Teaching Psychology in HE
Dylunio a Gwneuthuriad 3 / Design and Manufacture 3
Minor Illness
Datblygiad Plentyn/Child Development
Astudiaethau Proffesiynol 2 / Professional Studies 2
Atlantic Archaeology
Non-Core Subject Studies
Nationalism and Minorities
Financial Stability
Advanced Spanish Plus
Contemporary Spanish Cinema
Music Revivals
Advanced Spanish Plus
Cyfraith i Waith Cymdeithasol 1/Law for Social Work 1
Intermediate Spanish Plus
International Criminal Law
Public Sector Management
International Sales Law
Marine Biotechnology
Disorders of Literacy: Diagnosis and Intervention
Intermediate French Plus
Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Beginners' Italian (LFA)
General Chemistry 2nd Year
Project 3 Iaith Ffrangeg (pb3)
Y Sgrin Fach Gymraeg
Public Procurement Research and Writing Skills
Joint Hon Italian Dissertation
Carriage of Goods by Sea
Literature 1580-1750
Upland farming DL
Professional perspectives
Theories and Principles of DBT / Clinical Applications of DBT
Agroforestry Systems and Practice
3 Lang Project (2 maj/1 min)
Passworded Journals
Particle Dynamics
Rhyfel, Cymdeithas, Cyfryngau / War, Society and the Media
Becoming an effective practitioner
Y Ffilm Ddogfen
Foundation in Therapeutics
Cyfrifeg Rheolaeth
Assessment in Education
3 Lang Project (3 major)
Life in a Changing Climate
Film Composition / Cyfansoddi Ffilm
Air-breathing Marine Vertebrates
Language and Communication
Coastal Processes Field Study
The Study of Music: Unit 3
International Taxation
Introduction to European Cinema
Gaming and Virtual Worlds
Llenyddiaeth Gymraeg America
Env Management & Conservation
Llythrennedd a Rhifedd
Creativity & Research
Ice and Oceans
Understanding Documentary
The Making of the Italian Nation
Intermediate Japanese Plus Yr2
DXX2021/DXX2019 Plant Diversity and Conservation
Crime and Power
Advanced French
Forest Management Planning
Placement: School Experience
Time and Tide
The Problem of Evil
Making Music
Evidence for Improvement
Histology and Histochemistry
Astudiaethau Proffessiynol / Professional Studies
Topics in Illness & Disability
Radio: Theori ac Ymarfer
Introduction to Chinese Studies
The Study of Music: Unit 1
Introductory French
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