New Library Catalogue

A New Library Catalogue

Our new system will provide a ‘one stop shop’ for books, ebooks, ejournals, journal articles, databases, theses, research data and other scholarly resources available from the Library and beyond.

FAQ logoThe new search goes live on 25th August 2016, so visit our FAQ for all the latest developments.

The new Library Search will offer four search options:

  • Everything

This search retrieves results from all sections detailed below.

  • Bangor Search

This search contains: Books, journals, databases, theses, dvds, cds, exam papers and more…

  • Articles Search

This search contains: Journal and newspaper articles, conference proceedings, images, and more…

  • Research Output

This search contains: Material published by Bangor University staff and researchers and profiles of staff and researchers.

Also, some of you may find it interesting to monitor trending articles, to see which articles in your subject area are currently the most popular.

What's better about it?

  • Google-like searching  
  • The ability to search for research data alongside websites, books and databases from a single search
  • Language preference is set once and then automatically carried over to all library notices and discovery
  • The ability to browse the shelves ‘virtually’ from any device
  • You can now borrow even more

How will the change affect me?

  • We will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum, but some services may be reduced or temporarily unavailable during the critical cross over period between 11th and 25th August. 
  • Anybody who has ‘saved lists’ in the current Library Catalogue needs to transfer them into a reference management system such as RefWorks or email the list to themselves.  You can do this by following these steps:
    1. 1. From the catalogue home screen, using My Library Login, select My Lists
    2. 2. You will need to open each list individually, select Export My Lists (you don’t have to tick the boxes), you can then choose whether to email the list to yourself or to export into RefWorks.
  • You will need to follow the same process if you need to retain your Reading History
  • If you need any additional support or guidance on this process, please ask a member of staff in the library

Advanced Features?

One search box for full discovery

With Library Search you can not only search for items physically in the library like books print journals and DVDs, but you can also search for online resources like full-text* journal or newspaper articles.

Citation Trail

This exciting new feature provides researchers and students with more ways to discover resources. Starting from one article, the citation trail will find other materials that cite that article or are cited by it.

Seamless Inter Library Loans

If the item you’re looking for is not available here, simply click the ILL link and all the details will be automatically uploaded and your request will be processed.

Full loan history

Click ‘List of historic loans’ from your library account to view your loan history.

Longer Loans

Standard loan periods for undergraduates will be increased from two weeks to four weeks.


We will automatically renew your standard (4 week loan) items, up to fourteen times – as long as they are not recalled by another person.

Increased loan allowance

All students and staff will have increased borrowing entitlements:

  • Undergraduates - 15 items
  • Postgraduates - 30 items
  • Staff - 30 items

Reduced risk of fines

Due to auto-renewal, the only fines you might incur would be overdue short loans (24 hour/three day) or overdue recalled items.

Why is change happening during re-sit week?

We hope that this system upgrade won’t disrupt your studies as we aim to have all services available, though possibly through other means, during this time.

We know that exam periods can be busy and potentially stressful.  However, we need to get the system ‘up and running’ before the start of term.  This way, the new and returning students at the start of the next academic year can benefit from the new system.

If you have any specific queries, please get in touch.

How can I keep up to date / Get involved?

Please return to this page for information updates and to sign up to our social media on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news.

Look out for our user guides on this webpage once the new system is live.

The new system will remain in development mode for the first 12 months of service.  During that time we will be seeking feedback on the system via a variety of means.  If you would like to be involved in user testing or have any comments on functionality then there will be opportunities to register your interest over the coming months.

How do I ask a question or get further information?

If you still have a question or query, you can contact us by the usual means:


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