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Due to current university campus restrictions, this service has been suspended until further notice.

Sconul access is a co-operative venture between higher education libraries across the UK, and replaces the Uk Libraries plus and Sconul Research Extra Schemes. It enables academic staff and some categories of students to borrow material from the libraries of other institutions that may be more conveniently located to where the staff member or student lives or works.  A list of libraries participating in the scheme and a user guide is available at

Who can use SCONUL access?

Providing that you are have no unpaid fines, long-overdue books or are not known to infringe the rules of the Bangor University library service, you will be eligible to use SCONUL access if you are:

  • a member of Staff, or
  • a Postgraduate, or
  • a Part time, distance learning or placement student.


You can apply online for SCONUL Access membership. Once approved you will receive an authorisation email.  Take this email, and Bangor University library card, to the library you wish to join.

Facilities available

Eligible users may borrow books from any of the other SCONUL access libraries, although Host libraries may restrict types of material that can be borrowed. Access to computing facilities and library databases is not included in this scheme.

Using other libraries

All SCONUL access users are subject to the rules of the library visited and are responsible for any fines or replacement costs incurred. Membership will be withdrawn if the rules of the host library are infringed.

To avoid disappointment, please check opening hours, availability of facilities and any restrictions on access before visiting, particularly at weekends or during vacations. Please be aware that borrowing entitlements i.e. number of loans, loan period and type of material are not standardised across and will vary from institution to institution.


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