Borrowing from the library


  • For Bangor University staff and students, your Bangor University access card can also be used to borrow books and other materials.  Library/access cards are available from the Library Issue Desk, Adeilad Deiniol (telephone 382984)
  • If you are not a member of Bangor University staff or a Bangor University student, please follow this link external/visitor registration details
  • For all categories of user, borrowing is only permitted on production of a valid library card. You are solely responsible for the safe and timely return of items loaned using your library card. For your own protection, do not allow others to lend / use your card and, if lost, report it immediately to Adeilad Deiniol Library. Replacement cards (Lost or damaged) cost £10
  • Take your library card, and items you wish to borrow to the Issue desk.  A member of library staff will record your loan, and give a due that the item should be returned or renewed by
  • Library users can alsomake use of the Self-issue terminals which will issue a receipt for all the items borrowed, together with the date(s) due for their return
  • The number of books you can have on loan at any time and how long you can borrow them for varies depending on your user type (i.e. staff or student) and material type (i.e. Book, journal etc...) For further details see the page on Borrowing entitlements and loan periods for students or Borrowing entitlements and loan periods for staff

Recalls - What you need to know!

  • All library stock is loaned on the understanding that items may be recalled if required by another user. The fact that you have not yet finished with a book is not acceptable as a reason for not returning it when recalled.

    When You receive a recall:

    • Check the new Return date. This supersedes any date given at the time of issue or renewal
    • Get the book back to the library as soon as possible. Consider posting the book back to us if you are away on placement and not able to return in person.

    If you miss the new return date, you will incur an increased overdue charge of £1 per day. More importantly, you will be inconveniencing another library user who needs access to our limited library resources.

  • Recalls apply to all users and all items – loans which may have been extended to cover placements and field trips can still be recalled. You must ensure that you are able to respond promptly to recall notices at all times.


  • Returns can be made either to the automated machines, or to library staff during staffed opening hours, and via the machines at all other times.
  • Automated returns: Please keep your receipt. Any dispute arising as a result of using the automated machines can only be assessed if you can provide by a receipt.
  • Do not leave library materials unattended in any part of the library: remember you are responsible for all items issued to you until they have been cleared from your account.
  • Loan items can be returned to any branch, regardless which library it came from.

Please choose one of the following links for further information:

If your loans are late

Overdue charges and penalties

If you return books after the return date (or after any new return date set by a recall letter), you will be asked to pay a fine. These are applicable to ALL categories of borrower, including academic staff. 

Currently the fines are as follows:

Loan type Fine
Ordinary loans & store journals 20p per day
Recalled items £1.00 per day
Open access journals 50p per item per day
Reserve items (24 hour loans/3 day loan) (Renewals limited to three) £2.00 per hour for first two hrs and then 50p for a part of any hour thereafter

Fines may be paid on the spot or at a later time convenient to you; however if your fines mount up to more than £10 you will not be allowed to borrow any more books until you have reduced your debt. We also ask all our borrowers to pay off any outstanding fines at the end of each term. Please consult a member of library staff if you are having difficulty with payment and we will try to come to some kind of arrangement so that you can continue borrowing.
Credit/debit card facilities are available for payment.


If you have not returned your book by the due date given (or by the new due date set by a recall letter), we will send you an Overdue Notice to remind you of the outstanding loan. 

Lost Items

If items are lost, damaged or defaced, you will be charged the replacement cost, plus a £10.00 handling charge.


Users may be eligible for their library fines to be waived under special circumstances.

  • A consultation form on which a case can be made is available here.
  • Please include full details of the amount you are disputing and the items involved - You can find this information by accessing your library account at:
  • Evidence to support your claim may include: A receipt from the self-issue machine, a medical certificate / hospital appointment card, or a written statement from your school administrator. These should be submitted along with the form to speed up the process.
  • Forms should be handed in at your home library.