Managing your loans: Renewals

Renewing your loans

We will renew your items automatically 7 days before they are due so you won't be fined for forgetting to renew your books. Instead we will only fine you if you keep
hold of a book that someone else has reserved (known as a recall).

This doesn't mean you can forget about your books altogether. In fact you need to look out for emails from the Library to see if your books have renewed, or if you
need to return them.

How will it work?

• We will auto-renew all your eligible loans 7 days before they are due.
• An email will be sent to your university email account to let you know if the renewal has NOT been successful.
• If any item has not been renewed, it must be returned by the due date otherwise you will be fined.
• Fines for overdue recalled items will remain at £1 per day, per item.
• There is a limit of 14 renewals. Once that is reached the items must be returned to the library to prove you have not lost or damaged the item.
• Short loan (24 hours and 3 days loans) and loans to external users are exempt and will NOT be automatically renewed.

You may not renew any item if:

  • it is required by someone else
  • you have unpaid overdue charges
  • there is a problem with your library membership

Overdue charges will be applied for items renewed after the due date