Staff Profile of Dr Eirini Sanoudaki

Eirini Sanoudaki
Dr Eirini Sanoudaki
Senior Lecturer in Language Acquisition
01248 388638
Room 202, 37–41 College Road


I first joined Bangor University in 2008, as a post-doctoral researcher at the ESRC Centre for Research in Bilingualism and at the School of Psychology. Following a twelve-month project hosted by the University of Athens (postdoctoral grant by the Greek State Scholarship Foundation), I returned to Bangor to join the School of Linguistics and English Language in 2010.

I received my PhD in Linguistics from UCL in 2007, with a thesis on the acquisition of syllable structure. I have a degree in Greek Language and Literature from the University of Athens and an MA in Linguistics from the University of Reading. I am Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Research interests:

My research interests are primarily in language acquisition and disorders, in monolingual and bilingual development. Throughout my research, my aim is to link linguistic theory to practices and questions within the fields of language acquisition and pathology. In addition to my interest in phonological acquisition, I have a lasting interest in the acquisition of pronominal reference.  

My current research examines language development in individuals with Down syndrome, and linguistic and cognitive development in bilingual children. I am also interested in facets of bilingualism, such as transfer, code-switching and language processing in bilinguals.

I welcome enquiries from students interested in pursuing a PhD in the above areas, especially in monolingual and bilingual acquisition in typical or atypical populations.

Selected recent presentations

  • Sanoudaki, E. (2015) Interactions in the acquisition of consonant clusters. Invited talk at the GALA conference, Nantes University.
  • Sanoudaki, E. (2015) Issues in the interpretation of pronouns: typical and atypical development. Invited talk at the Developmental Science Seminar Series, UCL.
  • Sanoudaki, E. (2015) Bilingual acquisition: interactions in the domain of phonological structure. Invited talk at the Department of Language and Linguistics, University of Essex.
  • Sanoudaki, E. (2015) Bilingual acquisition: research and implications. Talk at the Bilingualism seminar series, Bangor University.
  • Sanoudaki, E., & Bodini, A. (2015) Dysfluency in multilingual acquisition. Oral presentation at the Child Language Symposium (CLS), University of Warwick.
  • Sanoudaki, E. (2014) Language development in Down syndrome: the pronoun question. Invited talk at the Centre for Language and Linguistic Studies, University of Kent.
  • Sanoudaki, E. (2014) Language in Down syndrome. Invited talk at the Division of Clinical Sciences, St George’s, University of London.
  • Sanoudaki, E., Tamburelli, M., Jones, G., & Sowinska, M. (2012) Consonant cluster puzzles: evidence from Polish-English bilingual acquisition. Oral presentation at the 20th Manchester Phonology Meeting.
  • Tamburelli, M., Sanoudaki, E., Jones, G., & Sowinska, M. (2012) Acceleration in the bilingual acquisition of consonant clusters: evidence from Polish-English bilingual children. Oral presentation at the conference: 'Bilingual and Multilingual Interaction', Bangor University.
  • Sanoudaki, E. & Varlokosta, S. (2011) The acquisition of Binding by Greek-speaking children with Down syndrome. Poster presented at the GALA conference, Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Sanoudaki, E. & Varlokosta, S. (2011) Binding in Greek: the importance of task selection. Oral presentation at the 10th International Conference of Greek Linguistics, University of Thrace.

Selected Publications

  • Sanoudaki, E. & Thierry, G. (2015) Language non-selective syntactic activation in early bilinguals: the role of verbal fluencyInternational Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 18 (5) 548-560.
  • Sanoudaki, E. & Varlokosta, S. (2015) Pronoun comprehension in individuals with Down syndrome: the role of ageInternational Journal of Language and Communication Disorders 50 (2) 176-186.
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  • Sanoudaki, E. & Varlokosta, S. (2014) Pronoun comprehension in individuals with Down syndrome: deviance or delay? Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research 57, 1442–1452.
  • Sanoudaki, E. & G. Thierry (2014). Juggling two grammars. In Enlli Môn Thomas and Ineke Mennen (eds.),Approaches to the Study of Bilingualism. Multilingual Matters.
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  • Sanoudaki, E. (2004) Transfer during bilingual first language acquisition: the case of Greek and English pronominal systems, in Proceedings of the 6th international conference of Greek linguistics, University of Crete, ISBN: 960–88268–0-2.

Current Teaching

  • QXL4435 Current Issues in Bilingualism
  • QXL3317/QXL4417 Language Acquisition
  • QXL2204 Morphosyntax
  • PPP4008 Bilingualism: Research and methods
  • QXL4432 Research Methods in Linguistics
  • QXL1112 Language and Culture

Ph.D. Supervision

  • Athanasia Papastergiou. Language and cognitive abilities in bilingual children and the role of educational context. (2014-) ESRC studentship in Bilingualism.
  • Wesam Almehmadi. Pragmatic features in individuals with Autism. (2014-).
  • Maram Alamri. The acquisition of dynamic spatial relations by Arabic learners of English. (2013-).