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Inspired by 2001 A Competition for Bangor University Students

Publication date: 20 April 2018

Bilingualism and Down syndrome

Learning Disability Wales have published an article by our PhD student Rebecca Ward and Dr Eirini Sanoudaki.

Publication date: 13 December 2017

Bangor University placed in the Times Higher Education Art & Humanities rankings

Bangor University’s arts and humanities courses have been ranked second in Wales and amongst the top 250 worldwide in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2018 by subject released today.

Publication date: 13 September 2017

What language tells us about changing attitudes to extremism

The words “extreme”,“extremist” and “extremism” carry so many connotations these days – far more than a basic dictionary definition could ever cover. Most would agree that Islamic State, the London Bridge and Manchester Arena attackers, as well as certain “hate preachers” are extremists. But what about Darren Osbourne who attacked the Finsbury Park Mosque? Or Thomas Mairwho murdered Labour MP Jo Cox? Or even certain media outlets and public figures who thrive on stirring up hatred between people? Their acts are hateful and ideologically-driven, but calls for them to be described in the same terms as Islamic extremists are more open to debate.

This article by Josie Ryan, PhD Researcher,  at the School of Linguistics & English Language, Bangor Universitywas originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

Publication date: 1 September 2017

Satisfied students place Bangor University among top UK universities

Bangor University’s students have again given the University a resounding testimonial in the annual National Student Satisfaction survey, placing the University eighth among the UK’s non-specialist universities in the UK and second among Welsh Universities.

The news follows hard on the heels of the University’s recent success in being awarded a Gold Standard in the UK Government’s new Teaching Excellence Framework, the only Welsh university to achieve this standard.

Publication date: 9 August 2017

Chris Coleman visits Bangor University to receive Honour

Chis Coleman, Wales’ national football team manager joins Bangor Business School graduating students to receive an Honorary Fellowship, marking Wales’ outstanding achievement at Euro 2016, when the national team reached the semi-finals in an historic and memorable campaign.

Publication date: 17 July 2017

Artists and architects think differently to everyone else – you only have to hear them talk

How often have you thought that somebody talks just like an accountant, or a lawyer, or a teacher? In the case of artists, this goes a long way back. Artists have long been seen as unusual – 

people with a different way of perceiving reality. Famously, the French architect Le Corbusier argued in 1946 that painters, sculptors and architects are equipped with a “feeling of space” in a very fundamental sense.

This article by Thora Tenbrink, Reader in Cognitive Linguistics, Bangor University was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

Publication date: 11 July 2017

Artists and architects think differently compared to other people

Architects, painters and sculptors conceive of spaces in different ways from other people and from each other, finds a new study by University College London and Bangor University researchers.

When asked to talk about images of places, painters are more likely to describe the depicted space as a two-dimensional image, while architects are more likely to focus on paths and the boundaries of the space.

Publication date: 28 June 2017

Welsh schools teach pupils to be bilingual, not restrict their education

Being a Welsh-English bilingual isn’t easy. For one thing, you hear that encouraging others to learn your language is detrimental both to their education and wellbeing. For another, to speak a minority language such as Welsh you need to constantly make the effort to be exposed to it and maintain your bilingualism.

This article by Peredur Webb-Davies, Senior Lecturer in Welsh LinguisticsBangor University  was originally published on The Conversation.

Publication date: 23 June 2017

Bangor University rated Gold

Bangor University has been awarded the Gold standard in the UK Government’s new Teaching Excellence Framework, and is the only University in Wales to achieve this standard.

The framework assesses universities against a range of criteria and is part of the UK government’s plans for raising standards in higher education. It also gives students more information so that they can make the most informed decisions when deciding which university to attend.

Publication date: 22 June 2017

Bangor University Students Release New Books

Bangor University’s School of Creative Studies and Media are pleased to announce the publication dates for two anthologies – Blue Pencils and SCSM’s Media Medley. Four students in the School of Creative Studies and Media (SCSM) have been working together for the past four months to produce and publish an anthology of short, original fiction. 

Publication date: 12 May 2017

"Cognitive Discourse Analysis: an introduction"

Dr. Thora Tenbrink, Reader in Cognitive Linguistics, has signed a contract with Cambridge University Press, to write a book titled "Cognitive Discourse Analysis: an introduction”.

Publication date: 4 May 2017

Bangor University’s Santander Entrepreneurship Pitchers

Three Bangor University students are have been selected to represent the University in the regional finals of the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards competition.

Having competed against over thirty entries to be selected as the final shortlist of six student projects, PhD graduate Ned Hartfiel and Psychology Masters students Alex Bailey and Daniel Pascoe were awarded a cheque for £200 for their entries, and will be eligible for business support through B-Enterprising at the University’s Careers & Employability Service.  

Publication date: 30 March 2017

Bangor University subjects join elite in world table

Newly published analysis of the latest influential QS World University Rankings, which saw Bangor University soar to 411th position worldwide, now provides further information on rankings for different subject areas among the world’s best universities.

Six subjects and one subject area taught at Bangor University feature among the world’s elite universities in this year’s release of the QS World University Rankings by Subject, with Agriculture and Forestry appearing in the top 100 institutions worldwide who teach the subject and rising from among last year’s 200 top Universities.

Publication date: 8 March 2017

"Modern Maritime Battlefield Archaeology: Case Studies from the Battle of Jutland and the U-boat Wars".

Publication date: 15 February 2017

David Crystal Day

Publication date: 26 January 2017

Funding success for our Bilingualism research

Dr Eirini Sanoudaki (Senior Lecturer in Language Acquisition) will be acting as Bangor lead for a project funded by the Welsh Crucible, a programme that seeks to support the development of future research leaders for Wales. 

Publication date: 28 November 2016

Professor Carl James – Obituary

It is with sadness that I report the recent death, on the 1st of November 2016, of a former lecturer and Head of School of Linguistics at Bangor, Professor Carl James. He was a member of staff at Bangor from 1966 to about 1995.

Publication date: 28 November 2016

How is language related to thought?

How is language related to thought? What can we learn from the structure of language about the human mind? How does this differ between the languages of the world? How has language developed to make us smart?

Over 200 researchers from 35 countries will be attending a top international conference being held in Bangor from July 18-22 to discuss just these issues at the UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference hosted by the University's School of Lingusitics & English Language.

Publication date: 15 July 2016

The quiet battle to save multilingualism in Europe

This article by Marco Tamburelli, of the School of Linguistics & English Language,  Bangor University was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

It is now well known that growing up with two or more languages brings a wealth of cognitive advantages. Multilingualism is not only a laudable achievement in a tolerant society, it is also of great social benefit to individuals. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that bilinguals are better at focusing their attention, they are less easily distracted, they have increased mental flexibility, and show slower rates of mental decline in old age.

Publication date: 9 May 2016

On her first birthday, Princess Charlotte already knows much about language

Princess Charlotte, the youngest member of the British Royal Family, is turning one. While there will be plenty of focus from sections of the mainstream UK media on the official picturesreleased by the palace, much has been going on behind the scenes. Many infants say their first word around the time of their first birthday and for most people, this is when language learning really starts. But by the time Charlotte says her first word, she actually already knows a lot about language.

This article by Anouschka Foltz, Lecturer in Psycholinguistics, Bangor University was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

Publication date: 3 May 2016

Thora Tenbrink on BBC Radio 4

Thora Tenbrink was on BBC Radio 4's 'The Digital Human' yesterday (25 April) talking about making digital navigation systems more human.

Publication date: 26 April 2016

Bangor University’s satisfied students

Bangor University continues to rise in popularity among its students. The University again retains its place at 14th in the UK and is second in Wales in a new university experience survey (Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2016).

Publication date: 17 March 2016

How a joke can help us unlock the mystery of meaning in language

This article by  Vyvyan Evans, Professor of Linguistics, at the School of Lingusitics & English Language was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article

What do you get if you cross a kangaroo with an elephant?

You’ll have to wait for the punchline, but you should already have shards of meaning tumbling about your mind. Now, jokes don’t have to be all that funny, of course, but if they are to work at all then they must construct something beyond the simple words deployed.

Publication date: 15 December 2015

We need to make digital navigation tools more human – here's how

This article by Thora TenbrinkSenior Lecturer in Cognitive Linguistics, School of Linguistics & English Language was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

Imagine you’re in a city you don’t know, and need to find the way to the train station. You ask a stranger in the street, and she answers: “Walk east for 144ft, turn right towards the main road for 26ft, continue straight onto main road for 377ft. Your destination will be on the left.” You would probably think she sounded robotic – more like a digital route-finding system than a human being. And you’d be right.

Publication date: 15 December 2015

When languages die, we lose a part of who we are

This article by Anouschka Foltz, Lecturer in Psycholinguistics, at the School of Lingusitics & English Language was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

The 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21) is in full gear and climate change is again on everyone’s mind. It conjures up images of melting glaciers, rising sea levels, droughts, flooding, threatened habitats, endangered species, and displaced people. We know it threatens biodiversity, but what about linguistic diversity?

Publication date: 9 December 2015

Deciphering the connection between language and meaning

A Bangor University academic discusses the connection between language and meaning in a new book published by Cambridge University Press.

In The Crucible of Language, Professor Vyv Evans brings the latest findings together to explain what we know, and what we do, when we communicate using language. He shows how linguistic meaning arises, where it comes from, and the way in which language enables us to convey the meanings that can move us to tears, bore us to death, or make us dizzy with delight. 

Publication date: 8 December 2015

Bangor University to reward outstanding impact from its research and enterprise activities

Twelve projects at Bangor University have been shortlisted for the University’s third annual Impact and Innovation Awards 2015, supported by Santander Universities.

These prestigious awards at Bangor University recognise and celebrate the recent impact that the University’s research, innovation and enterprise activities have on the wider economy and society. This year, the University is also introducing a new award category, Outstanding Contribution to Wales, to recognise activities that have led to impact of national significance in Wales.

Publication date: 27 November 2015

Signs of our times: why emoji can be even more powerful than words

This article by Vyvyan Evans  Professor of Linguistics, at the School of Lingusitics & Engish Language was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. 

Each year, Oxford Dictionaries – one of the world’s leading arbiters on the English language – selects a word that has risen to prominence over the past 12 months as its “Word of the Year”. The word is carefully chosen, based on a close analysis of how often it is used and what it reveals about the times we live in. Past examples include such classics as “vape”, “selfie” and “omnishambles”.

Publication date: 18 November 2015

Eisteddfod success for Linguistics staff members

Three of our staff members won first prizes in choirs in the National Eisteddfod competition of Wales in August.

Publication date: 19 October 2015

Recognition of teaching

Dr Anouschka Foltz and Dr Eirini Sanoudaki became Fellows of the Higher Education Academy through the Aberystwyth-Bangor Scheme for Recognising CPD in Teaching and Supporting Learning.

Publication date: 19 October 2015

Bangor University maintains leadership position in Student Satisfaction

Bangor University again leads Welsh universities in the most recent measure of student satisfaction, and is among the top 10 of the UK’s best non-specialist universities, the traditional institutions who offer a broad range of subjects. 

Publication date: 12 August 2015

Emojis have hit Hollywood – and thriller or rom-com, they’ll take it by storm

Professor Vyv Evans, of the School of Linguistics and English Language writing in The Conversation. Read the original article

Publication date: 3 August 2015

Bangor to host 6th UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference

In July 2016, Bangor is privileged to be hosting the 6th UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference. Please visit the website for details of the conference.

Publication date: 25 June 2015

Exciting New Degrees

The School is happy to announce the approval of some exciting new degrees to add to our existing courses. We are now offering degrees specialising in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), designed to give students the foundations, theoretical background and some practical experience needed to go to teach English to non-native speakers.

Publication date: 26 May 2015

No, the rise of the emoji doesn’t spell the end of language

Originally published on The Conversation by Professor Vyv Evans, School of Linguistics and English Language. Read the original article.

The emoji has become one of the fastest growing forms of communication in history. But those who are worried that its growth could see the death of written language are wrong – emojis are being used to enhance, rather than replace words in our digital communications.

Publication date: 22 May 2015

Student Led Teaching Awards 2015

The Student Led Teaching Awards returned bigger than ever for its 4th annual ceremony, along with the much anticipated Course Representative awards

Publication date: 21 May 2015

Emoji 'fastest growing new language'

A Bangor University professor has teamed up with mobile giant TalkTalk to launch a new national PR campaign to help understand emojis – the picture based language.

Publication date: 19 May 2015

School of Linguistics and English Language at the 2015 Student Led Teaching Awards

The School of Linguistics and English Language was well represented at the Bangor University Student Led Teaching Awards 2015 on 1st May.

Publication date: 13 May 2015

Bangor University shortlisted in the WhatUni Student Choice Awards

Bangor University has been shortlisted in 6 out of 9 categories including University of the Year, in the WhatUni Student Choice Awards.

Publication date: 30 March 2015

Dr. Thora Tenbrink makes headlines on Cambridge Extra with new article in Language and Cognition

Dr. Thora Tenbrink has written a new article on Cognitive Discourse Analysis which has made the headlines on Cambridge Extra this week. For more information, see here.

Publication date: 24 March 2015

Dr Eirini Sanoudaki to give guest lecture at UCL

Dr Eirini Sanoudaki has been invited to give a lecture at UCL, as part of the Developmental Science Seminar Series. on 23rd March. 

Publication date: 11 March 2015

Dr Eirini Sanoudaki to give a guest lecture at University of Essex

Dr Eirini Sanoudaki has been invited to give a lecture at the University of Essex, as part of the Department of Language and Linguistics seminar series, on 5th March.

Publication date: 23 February 2015

Dr. Marco Tamburelli to speak to teachers in Milan about bilingual education

In March, Dr. Marco Tamburelli will be talking to teachers and educators in Milan about bilingual education at the “Our Multilingual Schools: Opportunities and Challenges” conference.

Publication date: 23 February 2015

Visiting Scholar from the University of Helsinki to give lectures in the School

Dr Elizabeth Peterson from the University of Helsinki will be visiting the School from Tuesday 24th to Thursday 26th February.

Publication date: 23 February 2015

Professor Vyv Evans to take part in Edinburgh International Science Festival debate

Professor Vyv Evans will be taking part in a 90 minute debate at this year’s Edinburgh International Science Festival on April 15th 2015 at 8pm.

Publication date: 16 February 2015

Prof David Crystal awards best first year Linguistics and English Language Student with prize

Gemma Hutchinson, winner of the David Crystal Prize for best first year student 2013/14 received her award on the School of Linguistics and English Language’s annual David Crystal Day on 4th February 2015.

Publication date: 16 February 2015

Professor Vyv Evans discusses whether emojis can be construed as language

For The Guardian newspaper this week, Professor Vyv Evans discusses whether emojis can be construed as language.

Publication date: 16 February 2015

Bangor University in Top 100 Most International Universities in the World

Bangor has been ranked 90th in this year’s Times Higher Education 100 Most International Universities in the World list.

Publication date: 30 January 2015

Dr Marco Tamburelli to give guest lecture at University of Kent

Deputy Head of School, Dr Marco Tamburelli has been invited to give a guest lecture at the Centre for Language and Linguistics Studies at the University of Kent on 4th February.

Publication date: 30 January 2015

Bangor University recognised for world-leading research

Bangor University’s research has a major impact around the world according to a national assessment of research quality (REF) published today.

Publication date: 18 December 2014

Article published in ‘Aeon’ magazine

An article by Prof. Vyv Evans has been published in the popular science magazine, Aeon. The article ‘Real Talk’, based on Prof. Evans’ recent book, ‘The Language Myth’ can be read at

Publication date: 5 December 2014

Learning the ‘rhythm’ of a language helps language learners become fluent

As Wales faces a decline in the number of Welsh speakers, it’s even more important that Welsh learners make the transition from second language learners to become fluent Welsh speakers.

One identified obstacle to ‘fluency’ is Welsh learner’s difficulty in replicating the sound of Welsh- not only the ‘ll’ ‘ch’ and other sounds unfamiliar to the English ear, but also the stress and rhythm of the language, which is different to that of English, and other languages.

Publication date: 2 December 2014

Celebrating Excellence amongst first year students

Award-winning first year students have had their achievements recognized at a prize giving ceremony.

The annual Bangor University Entrance Scholarship Presentation evening saw prizes totalling £138,000 awarded to some of the University’s brightest first year students.

Publication date: 27 November 2014

The Language Myth’ (By Prof. Vyv Evans) receives great reviews

The latest book from Prof. Evans, released last month is receiving great reviews. The New Scientist comments ‘IS THE way we think about language on the cusp of a revolution?

Publication date: 17 November 2014

Linguistics Student awarded Excellence Scholarship

Congratulations to Robert Reddington, a 1st year undergraduate student in Linguistics who has been awarded one of 2014’s Excellence Scholarships.

Publication date: 13 November 2014

Staff achieve Certificates in Welsh

Congratulations to Eirini Sanoudaki and Garry Peel  on attaining certificates in Welsh. Both are pictured below after receiving their certificates from the Vice-Chancellor in a small awards ceremony. Eirini passed the Foundation Level exam and Garry passed the Entry Level exam and the Level 2 Welsh in the Workplace scheme.

Publication date: 11 November 2014

Prof. Vyv Evans on the Radio

Following the publication of his new book, ‘The Language Myth’, Prof. Evans appeared on Newstalk, an Irish National radio station on Wednesday 15th October. The live interview took place during ‘The Moncrieff Show’, and can be found on

Publication date: 13 October 2014

Bangor University MA Studentship

Publication date: 16 August 2014

Bangor Student lands top job at the Co-operative Bank

Initiative has paid off for a Bangor University student who has recently secured a job at The Co-operative Bank in Manchester after impressing bosses during work experience.

Publication date: 10 July 2014

Bangor in UK top 20 for student experience

Publication date: 10 June 2014

Winners at the Student Led Teaching Awards

At the recent awards, two of the School’s staff won awards. Dr Sarah Cooper won the award for Postgraduate Teacher of the Year, and Dr Peredur Davies won the award for Promotion of Welsh Medium Education. Congratulations to both on these well-deserved achievements.

Publication date: 13 May 2014

Prof. Vyv Evans on Radio 4

On Tuesday 29th April, Prof. Vyv Evans appeared on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Word of Mouth’ programme. The programme included an interview with Prof. Evans on the topic of ‘Time’.

Publication date: 13 May 2014

ESRC PhD studentship at the School of Linguistics and English Language

One ESRC PhD studentship in Bilingualism is available from October 2014 at the School of Linguistics and English Language. This is a three-year studentship funded by the ESRC Wales Doctoral Training Centre and Bangor University.

Publication date: 14 January 2014

What are contested languages?

We’ve heard of minority languages, indeed, Welsh is a minority language, but is recognised and supported as such, and there are lists of endangered languages, but there’s another category:   contested languages. These are languages which are sufficiently linguistically different from the main language of the country where they are spoken, to be categorised as separate languages, but have not gained official language status, often being classified as dialects. Most contested languages are also endangered languages, and they are as such listed in the UNESCO Atlas of endangered languages, published in 2010.

Publication date: 6 September 2013

First Class achievement for Hannah

Hannah Mundy, 22, from Leek, Staffordshire, is graduating from Bangor University with a first class degree in English Language and Creative Studies this week.

Publication date: 12 July 2013

Thora Tenbrink "Cognitive Discourse Analysis" Tutorials and Courses

Thora Tenbrink will offer courses and tutorials related to her research method "Cognitive Discourse Analysis" at four occasions this summer.

Publication date: 27 May 2013

Anniversary Research Scholarship - Doctoral Studentship in Linguistics: Bilingualism

The School of Linguistics and English Language at Bangor University is pleased to offer a fully funded studentship for a PhD study in bilingualism, starting in September 2013, on a project entitled “Is ‘reversed diglossia’ coming to Wales?  Investigating the linguistic habits of adolescents in Wales and beyond.”  The studentship covers all fees for three years and provide an annual stipend of £13,900 plus an annual research allowance of up to £1,500.

Publication date: 22 May 2013

Bangor’s Students square up for further University Challenge round

Bangor University appears in the  second round in the 50th anniversary series of TV’s most challenging quiz show; University Challenge on BBC 2 Wales at 8.00 pm on Monday 28 January 2013.

Publication date: 22 January 2013

Exciting internship opportunity: Grammatical abilities in Welsh-English bilingual children

Dr Vicky Chondrogianni is seeking applications for the Bangor University Undergraduate Internship Scheme 2012-13. The successful applicant will be working on a project on "Grammatical abilities in Welsh-English bilingual children".

Publication date: 17 December 2012

Important conference announcement: Cognitive Futures in the Humanities, Bangor, 4-6 April, 2013

The School of Linguistics will host a major international conference on the "Cognitive Futures in the Humanities".

Publication date: 22 November 2012

Special issue of the International Journal of Bilingualism (ed. Chondrogianni, Cornips, Vasić)

Vicky Chondrogianni (Bangor University) with Leonie Cornips (Meertens Institute) and Nada Vasić (University of Amsterdam) will be the guest editors of the International Journal of Bilingualism Special Issue entitled “Cross-linguistic aspects in child L2 acquisition” to be published in March 2015.

Publication date: 20 November 2012

Vicky Chondrogianni at BUCLD in Boston

Dr. Vicky Chondrogianni (Bangor University) with Theo Marinis (University of Reading) will be presenting a poster entitled “Production of definite articles in English-speaking L2 children and children with SLI” at this year Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD 37) on November 3, 2012.

Publication date: 20 November 2012

Introducing our Tutor-of-the-Day Scheme

We are now operating a ‘Duty’ tutor system during teaching weeks. If students need to urgently see or speak to an academic member of staff (when their module lecturer or personal tutor is unavailable), they should find the Tutor of the Day who should be in their office (or nearby).

Publication date: 3 October 2012

Welcome to our new member of staff, Dr. Thora Tenbrink

The School of Linguistics is pleased to announce the addition of a new member of staff. Dr. Thora Tenbrink, a specialist in cognitive linguistics, will join us in September 2012 and offer several modules in her area of expertise.

Publication date: 25 June 2012

Dr. Marco Tamburelli awarded Santander Early Career Scholarship

Marco Tamburelli has been awarded the Santander Early Career Scholarship.

Publication date: 28 March 2012

New Masters level degrees in Forensic Linguistics

New Masters level degrees in Forensic Linguistics

- MSc in Forensic Linguistics
- MRes in Linguistics (specializing in Forensic Linguistics)

Publication date: 13 March 2012

125 Anniversary PhD Studentships

The School of Linguistics at Bangor University seeks applications from well-qualified students to undertake a fully-funded PhD by research.

Publication date: 20 February 2012

New BA in English Language Studies - TEFL

Now offering an exciting BA in English Language Studies that is specifically designed for non-native speakers of English.

Publication date: 23 January 2012

Welcome to Professor Mike Hammond, Visiting Research Fellow for this semester

We are pleased to welcome Professor Mike Hammond as a Visiting Research Fellow for this semester.

Publication date: 12 October 2011

Successful Bid for National Welsh College (Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol) Grant (2012-2015)

Prestigious grant awarded to Dr. Enlli Thomas (Education) and Dr. Peredur Davies (Linguistics).

Publication date: 5 October 2011