Staff List

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Name +44 1248 Position
Dr Marco Tamburelli 382078 Reader in Bilingualism; Head of School
  382264 School Administrator
Dr Sarah Cooper 388883 Lecturer in Phonetics and Bilingualism
Dr Anouschka Foltz 382267 Lecturer in Psycholinguistics; Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dr Eirini Sanoudaki 388638 Senior Lecturer in Language Acquisition; Director of Graduate Studies
Dr Christopher Shank 383590 Lecturer in Linguistics;
Director of Teaching and Learning
Dr Thora Tenbrink 382263 Reader in Cognitive Linguistics;
Director of Research, College or Arts and Humanities
Dr Alan Wallington 388639 Lecturer in Cognitive Linguistics (part-time); Undergraduate Admissions
Dr Peredur Webb-Davies 382198 Senior Lecturer in Welsh Linguistics; Senior Tutor
Dr Laura Arman Lecturer in Linguistics (Welsh medium) (part-time)
Dr Jessica Clapham 388702 Lecturer in TEFL (Part-Time)
Ms Claire Quinn 388702 Lecturer in TEFL (Part-Time)

Honorary and Retired Staff

Name Position
Professor Martin J. Ball Emeritus Professor of Linguistics
Professor David Crystal Honorary Professor
Professor Margaret Deuchar Emeritus Professor of Linguistics
Professor Eddie Williams Professor of Linguistics
Dr Francis Gooding Retired Lecturer