About the School

The teaching of Modern Languages has figured in the university curriculum at Bangor ever since 1884. Naturally much has changed since then, but our work is based on this solid and continuous tradition, and we aim to prepare our students thoroughly for the multilingual environment of the contemporary world. After all, only 6% of the world population speaks English as its native language!

Flexible Degrees & Year Abroad Options

We offer one of the UK’s broadest and most flexible ranges of degree courses in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. We also offer many combinations with other subjects, and modules in Dutch and Galician. In addition, we provide modules which allow students across the university the opportunity to develop their language skills throughout their time at Bangor via free FLA (Foreign Language Assistant) classes and our Languages for All programme. The selection of languages on offer as part of this last scheme normally also includes Chinese and Japanese.

As a student at the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at Bangor University, you will spend your third year studying abroad before returning to Bangor for your final year. We offer you lots of options and support in embarking on this adventure. Depending on your degree choice, you can choose to study, work or teach as part of our year abroad schemes. We have links with many partner universities throughout Europe as part of the Erasmus scheme, and work with the British Council to provide students with teaching assistantships if they opt for this scheme. If you would like to work abroad, our year abroad tutors will help you to explore possible options. For more information and to read our students' year abroad blogs go to: www.bangor.ac.uk/ml/yearabroad/

Students participating in a seminar (© Glyn Davies)

Cultural Options

Language learning not only involves mastering the technical requirements of a language, but also familiarizing oneself with the culture of the host countries and/or regions. To this end, our core language modules are accompanied by a wide range of cultural options, ranging from history and literature to film, politics and popular culture. Our staff are active researchers in these fields, and through bringing their research specialisms into the classroom, they ensure that students are provided with cutting-edge materials and fully equipped to negotiate the contemporary demands of the modern world.

Superb Facilities

Modern Languages at Bangor means learning on a human scale; we offer facilities equal or superior to those found in many larger universities, but in an environment where everybody – students and staff – gets to know each other quickly, and where there’s always someone to turn to. You are never “just a name” in our department, a fact that is demonstrated by the consistently high number of Modern Languages nominations at the annual Student Led Teaching Awards.

Don't just take our word for it; have a look at our videos and student profiles – or better still, come and visit us at one of our open days, where you will have the opportunity to speak to staff and students alike.