Bangor Employability Award

Bangor Employability AwardThe Bangor Employability Award (BEA) scheme was designed to enhance the immediate and longer-term career prospects of Bangor University students. The scheme works alongside the University’s academic schools and Bangor Students’ Union, and also with private, public and voluntary sector organisations. It offers accreditation for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities (e.g. volunteering, clubs & societies, work experiences, part-time work, learning a new language, etc.) which may not be formally recognised within your academic degree programme, but which are valuable in the graduate jobs market.

The Bangor Employability Award essentially provides a structure to enable you to build your transferable skills through the recognition of activities you become involved with during your university life.

The scheme is designed to encourage your understanding of the long term potential available from your activities during your life at Bangor University, and to remind you of the need to take advantage of each and every opportunity that comes your way in order to develop both your employability and yourself. Fully participating in this scheme could make a major difference in your performance in the graduate jobs market of the future.

How does it work?

The BEA is divided into two parts:

1. The Core Programme

…made up of sessions to improve your career management skills (including CV-writing, interview skills and reasoning tests) and your personal development planning (through reflection, skills analyses and role identification).

2. The Activities Programme

…where activities can be chosen and tailored to you from a wide-ranging menu, or, if they do not appear on the menu, you can suggest your own activities for consideration for inclusion. The value of each activity is determined from various criteria, including the role fulfilled, the time and effort involved, the range and level of transferable skills you have the opportunity to improve, and of course, the perceived value to potential employers.

There are three levels of the award: BEA 100, BEA 150 and BEA 200. T o qualify for each level you need to build up experience points (xp) for the activities you take part in – 100xp, 150xp or 200xp respectively.

The activity providers include:

  • Bangor University’s Careers & Employability Service (including GO Wales, B-Enterprising & JobZone)
  • Bangor Students’ Union
  • Bangor University’s academic schools & service departments
  • Alumni, Employers and other external agencies

School of Modern Languages

The School of Modern Languages is one of a select number of Academic Schools within Bangor University to run the BEA scheme this year. The School offers a range of co-curricular activities which will easily slot into the BEA points scheme and enhance students' employability. Activities range from participation in clubs and societies during the Year Abroad, to involvement in LangSoc, active engagement in book or film clubs, or activity as Student Language Ambassadors in local schools.

For more information, please contact SML's Careers Liaison, Dr Eva Bru-Domínguez.

On the Careers and Employability Service page, you will also find further information about various employability activities in which SML students can participate.