Learning Resources

Access and Registration

The Language Centre is first and foremost an open-access facility for language students. Registration for the Language Centre is done automatically when you register for your language modules. No class bookings are taken for the whole facility, and only in exceptional cases (e.g. events for 6th formers / Open Days) will there be no access for individuals during term. The Centre is normally open 8am-10pm weekdays and 9am-6pm weekends during term time.


The Language Centre has a controlled environment intended to make it a pleasant place to work, and to ensure correct operation of the computers.

Please keep noise to a minimum, and show consideration for other students working on assignments and language exercises. In order to ensure a clean and hygienic working environment for all students, no food or drink is allowed in the language centre. Special cleaning wipes are available (if tubs are empty / dry out, please inform the SML office).

The air conditioning is set to maintain each room at an optimum temperature during the day, cooling or heating as required, and its fans also adjust automatically. To help maintain the controlled environment, the windows are sealed shut. Should emergency exit ever be required via an open window to a fire engine ladder, the approved route is via the Gents toilets. If sunlight causes reflections on computer screens, eliminate them by adjusting the window blinds.

Equipment & Headphones

Computers are updated as regularly as possible, but please ensure that equipment is used appropriately. Your headphone is permanently attached to the workstation, the volume control is an inline one on the lead - you can also use the Windows volume control (via Control Panel) if you want more volume. Check that the Windows volume is not on mute.


The Language Centre laser printer (in Room A, below the TV) is set as the default printer for all the PCs, and you can print to it from any Windows software that has a print option. A modest charge applies, using the same system of buying printer credits as for other Bangor University network printers. You have to buy credits in advance, and they are common to all network printers.

*Please report any problems with any equipment to helpdesk@bangor.ac.uk or to the SML Office, noting the workstation number*

Language Exercises via ‘Language Centre–Canolfan Ieithoedd’ Menus

In order to practice your languages, we recommend that you spend time doing the language exercises accessible via the Language Centre computers. These are not assessed, but are offered as extra resources available only to Language students. Students from all year groups are advised to make regular use of these resources. We recommend going over each exercise a number of times, cross-checking your answers with your own grammar / vocabulary notes and textbooks. The exercises are accessible under the Start Menu – All Programmes – Language Centre / Canolfan Ieithoedd Folder. In the same location, you will also find a pdf document which provides further details of these exercises.

Language Exercises via the 'Lingu' Online Tool

Additionally, you can also practise your language skills via the online tool Lingu, which contains exercises for all the languages taught here at the School of Modern Languages. This tool is available from anywhere, so you can practise your grammar skills and vocabulary from the convenience of your home. However, this tool should be used in conjunction with the above-mentioned resources. Simply follow this link: Lingu Online Exercises for SML-Students.