Get Involved!

In the School of Modern Languages and Cultures we are keen that students get the fullest possible opportunity to have their say about their courses and the life of the School. In the friendly, informal atmosphere we seek to promote, we hope you won't be shy to talk to staff about how things are going, and any concerns or suggestions you may have. There are three main structures whereby students participate at a more formal level.

The Board of Studies

The Board of Studies is the governing body of the School. It meets a number of times each year (at least twice per semester) to discuss current developments and future planning. Its membership comprises all the staff in the School, plus a number of student representatives, who may come from any year or subject within the School; the aim is to ensure that all our students have a voice on the Board, and student input is both welcomed and valued. The Head of School (Dr Jonathan Ervine) acts as the Chair of the Board, or there is a Deputy Chair (Dr Anna Saunders) who stands in if the Head is not available. Meetings are convened by the Secretary to the Board (Mrs Angela Pritchard), who also keeps minutes of the Board's business, and should be consulted if you have any queries about the Board of Studies (e.g. if you want to know if the Board has discussed something recently).

Student Reps

Student Reps are students elected by their peers to represent the views of students on their course at staff-student meetings. We normally need at least two representatives for year group (including postgraduates) and one for international students. One of the reps will be nominated senior student rep. The senior student rep represents the views of students at the Teaching and Learning Group. If you are interested in becoming a student rep, please contact Dr Sarah Pogoda (

Student Reps 2015-16

Year 1:


Year 4:

Master Student Reps:

Postgraduate Student Reps:

Staff-Student Committees

(Chair: Dr Eva Bru-Dominguez ( )

The School of Modern Languages values its students and we are keen to hear about your experiences on our programmes. All students and Reps are invited to the Staff Student Liaison Committee to discuss any issues or feedback that Reps have collated. The Committee meets twice per semester and there are staff representatives from all Language Sections present.

Teaching and Learning Group

(Chair: Dr Jonathan Ervine; Secretary: Dr Eva Bru-Dominguez)

The Teaching and Learning Group discusses matters concerning teaching, assessment, course structure, curriculum, modules, etc. at least twice per semester. It consists of the Head of School, appointed representatives from each of the subjects and the senior student rep.