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Academic Staff

Member of Staff Email Telephone Position
Ms Sian Beidas 388266 Lecturer in French Studies
Senior Tutor
Dr Armelle Blin-Rolland 382131 Lecturer in French
School Year Abroad Coordinator (semester 1). On Research Leave in S2 2017/18
Dr Eva Bru-Domínguez 388830 Lecturer in Hispanic and Catalan Studies
On Research Leave in S2, 2016/17. School Year Abroad Coordinator (semester 2)
Dr Jonathan Ervine 382129 Senior Lecturer and Head of French, Director of Student Engagement
Dr Gillian Jein 382119 Lecturer in French, Director of Graduate Studies
Dr Rossella Merlino 382125 Lecturer in and Head of Italian Studies
Admissions Tutor
Dr Helena Miguélez-Carballeira 382041 Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies
Director of Research; Deputy Head of School, On Research Leave in S2 2017/18
Dr David Miranda-Barreiro 388577 Lecturer in and Head of Hispanic Studies
Director of Teaching & Learning
Dr Sarah Pogoda 382521 Lecturer in German
Student-Staff-Liaison Officer
Dr Anna Saunders 382135 Head of School
Senior Lecturer in and Head of German Studies
Prof Carol Tully 382132 Professor of German
Pro-Vice Chancellor (Students)
Dr Shasha Wang 382117 Lecturer in Chinese Studies
Library Representative

Dr Shuai Zhao

382551 Lecturer in Translation Studies and Head of Chinese
Internationalization Officer

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Administrative Staff

Member of Staff Email Telephone Responsibilities
Mrs Angela Pritchard 382130 Student Administration Officer

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Assistants and Tutors

Member of Staff Email Telephone Position
Ms. Iria Aboi-Ferradas 382099 Galician Assistant
Mr Ruben Chapela 382099 Spanish Tutor
Ms Martina Codice 3802242 Graduate Teaching Assistant (Italian)
Florien Kijlstra 382640 Dutch Tutor
Ms Stefanie Kreibich 388291 German Tutor
Ms Aster Verhagen 382640 Dutch Tutor
Ms Françoise Lievens 383606 French Tutor
Ms Lorena López 382084 Graduate Teaching Assistant (Spanish)
Ms Judit Vari 382595 Graduate Teaching Assistant (German)
Mr Gareth White 382242 Graduate Teaching Assistant (Italian)

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