Modern Languages Yearbook

The ML Yearbook is an online portal which allows us to showcase some of the exemplary work completed by our undergraduate students throughout the year. The large variety of student work contained in our annual Yearbook not only reflects our wide ranging curriculum, it also flags up the diversity of learning tasks employed in our teaching. In addition to academic work, the Yearbook also contains student accounts of their experiences in and beyond the classroom throughout the academic year.

The first of its kind, the ML Yearbook 2011/12 contains a rich assortment of contributions ranging from translations, book reviews and creative writing through to formal essays and presentation write-ups.

We are delighted to announce that the ML Yearbook 2012/13 with more inspiring student work is now available!

The third ML Yearbook 2013/14 is now available. It will get you inspired for your own work this academic year!

2014/15 was a great year for students at the School of Modern Languages! Read a selection of their excellent coursework in the fourth edition of the ML Yearbook 2014/15.

The fifth edition of the SMLC Yearbook in 2015/16 features among other outstanding pieces a prize-winning experiential account of Maisie Prior’s Year Abroad and a sample of the Harry Potter project of the Welsh medium German language seminar.