News: June 2016

Independence Day: what alien invasions tell us about current global politics

When Soviet communism disintegrated, political scientist Francis Fukuyama famously declared that it was “the end of history”. He argued that Western liberal democracy and capitalism had triumphed as the world’s only viable system, and though humanity would still face bumps in the road, the ultimate progression to this eventuality for all nations would prove inevitable, even if it took many years.

This article by Gregory Frame, Lecturer in Film Studies, Bangor University was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

Publication date: 27 June 2016

Brexit and Britpop: Europeans have stronger cultural links to the UK thanks to English language music

As the European referendum campaigners try to outdo each other with spectacular claims and counterclaims about the risks and benefits of remaining in or leaving the EU, what has become clear is that it is not just the Tory party that is deeply divided on the issue, but Britain as a whole.

The ambivalence is even part of the “in” rhetoric, with statements frequently prefaced by assurances that the politician is “no lover of European bureaucracy” or some such qualification. And there are suspicions that even at the top there is a lack of wholehearted support for the European project, with both Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron having been accused of previously tending towards Euroscepticism.

Publication date: 13 June 2016

Cyfarwyddwr yn dathlu llwyddiant drama

Mae un o ddarlithwyr theatr Ysgol Astudiaethau Creadigol a’r Cyfryngau ym Mhrifysgol Bangor yn dathlu taith lwyddiannus o amgylch Cymru gyda drama newydd boblogaidd.

Publication date: 7 June 2016