Concert Series and Festival


Pontio is the main focal point for the performance of music at Bangor University. On one hand it gives an opportunity for the orchestras, choirs and ensembles from the School of Music to perform in public, while on the other hand it allows the students, staff and members of the public to enjoy music by some of the most respected performers in the profession, such as the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, and the Allegri String Quartet, amongst others.

Bangor Music Festival

The Bangor Music Festival has rightfully secured its place within the country’s new and experimental music calendar. It was formed in 2000 by a group of dedicated postgraduate students together with its current Artistic Director, Dr Guto Pryderi Puw. The festival has premiered music by such composers as Richard Barrett, and John Metcalf, while featuring ensembles such as the Duke Quartet, Music Theatre Wales, Ensemble Cymru, Huw Warren, Iwan Llywelyn Jones and the Sacconi Quartet. Various experimental music highlights include a performance of Ligeti’s Po√®me Symphonique for 100 metronomes and a performance by music students of the shortest opera in the world, The Sands of Time by Cardiff based composer Peter Reynolds.