News: September 2015

Beijing Dance Academy opens UK tour in Llandudno

Dancers from China’s prestigious Beijing Dance Academy are set to open their exclusive UK tour, Beauty Beyond Words, in Llandudno on Monday 28th September in partnership with Bangor University’s Confucius Institute.

Publication date: 10 September 2015

Music of windfarms

The wind-farms lying offshore at Llandudno are to provide the inspiration and the sounds for a music composition for Llandudno’s LLAWN Festival, by Bangor University music lecturer, composer and sonic artist Ed Wright, performing as the ‘Sonic Wave laboratory’ with Charles Gersholm.

The two locally based sound artists will produce a sonic art-work created by nature and shaped by manmade machines. Large outdoor rotating machines with sensors will be placed in the Llandudno promenade shelters. These will interact with passes by who will hear sound coming direct from the wind farm to create an ever changing sound composition. The temporary mini turbines form a small quintet that can be listened to either individually or inside the composers’ ‘laboratory’, a converted Bathing Machine.

Publication date: 9 September 2015