Music Research Seminars

Autumn Semester 2014

Seminars will be held on Tuesdays at 5.15pm in the School of Music, Roberts Room, unless noted otherwise. All events are free and open to all.

Week 2

7 Oct

5pm, Terrace Conference Room 3 (IMEMS Series and sponsored by CREaM)
Alexandra Buckle (University of Oxford):  
‘How to rebury a king: reburial amongst the elite in the 1400s’


Week 4

21 Oct

David Trippett (Bristol University):
Exercising the Musical Mind: Phrenology and Music Pedagogy in London ca. 1830


Week 6

4 Nov

Scott Wilson (University of Birmingham):
In search of a richer music


Week 8

18 Nov

Christopher Redgate (Royal Academy of Music):
Redesigning the Oboe


Week 10

2 Dec

Jennifer Sheppard (University of London):
Healthy Rhythms, Healthy Bodies: Dalcroze’s Eurhythmics and Physical Education in Britain


Week 12

16 Dec

Caroline Tabah (Montreal, Quebec):
‘The Evolution of Music in Bollywood Cinema’



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