Seminarau Ymchwil Cerdd

Seminarau'r Gwanwyn 2014

Wythnos 1 27 Ionawr IMEMS Seminar
Presented through the Centre for Research in Early Music
Jeremy Llewellyn (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis):
The Morality of Form: The Carmina Cantabrigiensia, the Nova Cantica and Song Production in the 11th Century
* Monday, Terrace Video Conference Room 3
Wythnos 3 11 Chwefror David Trippett (University of Bristol)
Wagner's Italian Prosthesis
Wythnos 5 25 Chwefror Sian Derry (University of Manchester)
Beethoven: An Understated Prodigy
Wythnos 7 11 Mawrth
Celia Fitz-Walter (University of Queensland, Australia)
From World War II to the War on Terror: Steve Reich's response to 9/11
Wythnos 9 25 Mawrth Natasha Loges (Royal College of Music):Brahms and his Poets
Wythnos 10 2 Ebrill Additional seminar, held by the School of Modern Languages
Rosalia Rodriguez-Vazquez (University of Vigo)
The linguistics of song: a historical overview of text-setting in English, Galician and Spanish